Mandalorian & Poe Dameron Party In Pedro Pascal & Oscar Isaac Photo Redraw

The Mandalorian and Poe Dameron party in adorable fan art playing off a recent New Year’s photo featuring Pedro Pascal and Oscar Isaac.

The Mandalorian parties with Poe Dameron in a fan-made redraw of Oscar Isaac and Pedro Pascal’s memorable New Year’s Day photo. Isaac and Pascal of course occupy different corners of the Star Wars universe, the former playing Dameron in the recently wrapped Star Wars sequel trilogy and the latter playing Din Djarin on the wildly popular Disney+ show The Mandalorian, which just wrapped up its second season.

Unfortunately for fans of Poe and Din, two of the more dashing and heroic characters in Star Wars lore, it’s highly unlikely the two men will ever cross paths in the galaxy far far away. The Mandalorian of course takes place shortly after the events of Return of the Jedi, meaning it’s set decades before the sequel trilogy and the arrival of hot-shot pilot Dameron. Thankfully for fans, the actors who play Dameron and Djarin do share the screen outside of the Star Wars universe, both appearing in the 2019 Netflix action film Triple Frontier.

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It also happens that Isaac and Pascal are friends outside of the world of acting, as everyone found out when a photo circulated showing the pair partying together on New Year’s Eve. Now fan artist kissymoose has taken things the next logical step, using the famous photo as the inspiration for a drawing showing the actors’ Star Wars characters celebrating together. And of course, Mando has his helmet on, even when he’s trying to enjoy a beverage. See the charming art in the space below:

As mentioned previously, as Poe and Din exist at wildly different times, it seems highly unlikely the two characters will ever come together outside of such fan art. If Isaac and Pascal are ever to come together in the Star Wars universe, the most likely route would be for Isaac to appear on The Mandalorian playing a character who is not Poe Dameron. Eagle-eyed fans of course noticed that Isaac already appeared on the show in Easter egg form in concept art that ran over the credits of an episode, but that’s not quite the same thing as the actor fully performing on the show alongside Pascal. To make such a thing happen, perhaps an ancestor of Dameron’s could make an appearance on The Mandalorian? Isaac might be game to play a cameo as the grandfather of Poe Dameron, just for the fun of being in Star Wars with his friend Pascal.

Of course this idea does have an element of absurdity to it, but then again, Star Wars has already proven itself to not be above bringing people back in completely unlikely ways. Season 2 of The Mandalorian of course featured the huge return of Luke Skywalker, a character no one thought would ever show up on the show. The show also figured out a way to bring back Boba Fett and Bib Fortuna, two characters who were supposed to have died in Return of the Jedi. And Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker even managed to bring back Emperor Palpatine after he was thrown into a pit by Darth Vader. If those credulity-stretching returns can be pulled off, certainly The Mandalorian can figure out a way to bring in someone from the Dameron line so fans’ dreams of an Isaac/Pascal pairing can come true.

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Source: kissymoose/Instagram

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