Iron Man Just Repeated His Most Famous Mistake

Marvel’s Iron Man just used up significant power that ultimately got him stuck inside his armor – a mistake he’s previously made.

Warning! Spoilers for Iron Man #5 below! In stores now.

Iron Man just repeated one of his biggest mistakes he’s ever made, as his battle with Korvac rages on in his ongoing solo series. After learning that some of his Marvel allies were seemingly killed, Tony Stark unleashed a massive energy blast that drained his suit’s power, leaving him unable to move – a mistake he’s made at least once before.

In Christopher Cantwell, Cafu, Frank D’Armata, and VC’s Joe Caramagna’s Iron Man run, Tony Stark tries his best to stop Korvac’s plans. Korvac (currently a powerful android) has already built his own cult and intends on getting on Galactus’ ship in order to obtain his great power. In response, Iron Man has thrown together a makeshift team of odd characters to help him in his fight, including the Scarlet Spider, Misty Knight, Frog Man, and Gargoyle.

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In Iron Man #5, Tony comes face-to-face with Korvac after the villain calls in a bomb threat at a laundromat to draw his attention. Meanwhile, Iron Man’s crew come across a Shi’ar Jumpcraft and after they examine it and discover it’s just a shell, Korvac unleashes a bomb that seemingly kills them. In a fit of rage, Stark unleashes an energy blast with every bit of power his suit has. The blast knocks Korvac back and reveals his android skull, but he still manages to get up. Meanwhile, Iron Man falls to the ground as he’s trapped in his suit after the emergency power fails.

It’s not the first time Tony has been trapped in his suit after using all of his power on a single move before. Back in the early 80s, Iron Man put all of his power into a punch that ultimately knocked out the Hulk. However, the punch depowered his suit and he nearly died after getting trapped inside – only to be saved by Ant-Man, who has to go inside his suit and free him.

Previews for Iron Man #6 reveal that Tony will be taken to an emergency triage as he’s near-death following the encounter with Korvac. Teasers indicate he will be trapped in his own suit and if he takes it off he will die, as the metal in his suit is literally keeping his body together. It’s another tragic incident for Iron Man, who’s just trying to keep his friends safe and stop a supervillain from gaining some of the greatest powers in the galaxy. Knowing Stark, he won’t let a near-death experience stop him from trying to bring down Korvac – even if he’s slowly killing himself in the process. But, he should probably think twice before using all of his suit’s power at once again, even if it’s for the right reason.

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