Incredible Cyberpunk Minecraft Build Looks Better Than Night City

Several Minecraft modders have taken inspiration from CD Projekt Red’s latest open-world work and started recreating Night City in voxel form.

Cyberpunk 2077‘s Night City is an inspiring open world, and one Minecraft creator is using that inspiration to craft a blocky recreation. Following one of three lengthy introductions to the world of Cyberpunk, CD Projekt Red’s open-world game lets players into their huge city, and that moment is just as powerful as climbing out of the vault in Fallout 3. It’s easy to start wandering through the crime-infested neon streets and lose track of the story, playing hours of bespoke content before the story even opens up. It may be hard to get all the fine detail in the city on some platforms over others, but the overall experience shines through even the most egregious of technical difficulties.

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Of course, whenever there’s an interesting location in and out of the worlds of fiction, it’s likely that someone will take on the task of recreating it in Minecraft. From the corridors of DOOM‘s Martian science facility to the shifting staircases of Hogwarts, Minecraft is one of those games where pretty much anything works if someone is willing to put in the effort. Well, anything but building in the real world Pokemon GO-style, but that still covers a lot of ground.

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For this particular build, Minecraft builder collective CVP has come together for a big project in the new year, creating something obviously inspired by the world of Cyberpunk 2077. Already 35% complete before it was uploaded to popular modding site Planet Minecraft, the work in progress Cyberpunk City had tall neon skyscrapers, winding highways, and a day to night cycle to capture the feel of the original game. Users can download a preview of the city to their Minecraft clients as of now, but CVP seemingly has plans to slowly work on building out the metropolis over many weeks and months to come.

Of course, this Cyberpunk-inspired city isn’t the only project to emerge from the popular video game. Just looking at the Planet Minecraft archives, there are a whole host of cyberpunk-themed character skins that would fit perfectly in a city such as this. In addition, a different modder posted a smaller city block inspired by Night City with working billboards and holographic attachments that spin high above its skyscrapers. It will be interesting to see both projects progress and if any others join the task of recreating one of 2020’s signature video game environments in voxel blocks.

While some might still be having trouble running Cyberpunk 2077 on their home consoles, they can at least log onto a mid-sized PC and play through the Minecraft version for a facsimile of the experience. It’s a familiar experience for anyone who had an underpowered PC and lacks the resources to upgrade their tech. Before the long-in-the-making death of Flash at the end of 2020, many games built for that platform would also attempt to be low-tech alternatives to big-budget blockbusters. Perhaps the archives of Minecraft mods can provide a similar window back in time for future gaming historians curious how the young and the less privileged attempted to pass the time.

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Source: Planet Minecraft

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