How to Find (& Catch) a Shiny Meowth in Pokémon GO

Shiny Pokémon are elusive. Players who want to catch a shiny Meowth may struggle, but we have a few tips to help locate a shiny Meowth

Shiny Pokémon are a commodity in Pokémon GO. Some players prefer to work and collect all the shiny Pokémon the game has to offer. However, catching shiny Pokémon can prove to be particularly difficult. They have a lower spawn rate than other Pokémon, so the chances of them appearing in the wild are less than a normal type.

For players who are looking for a shiny Meowth to complete their collection, there is some hope. It will require players to grind a bit, but catching all the shiny Pokémon available can definitely be worth the work!

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Where to Find Shiny Meowth in Pokémon GO

Finding a shiny Meowth will take a lot of work. Players will need to try to increase the amount of Pokémon spawns that occur around them. Using items such as incense can definitely help increase the player’s chances of finding this shiny. The more Meowths that appear, the better the chances of finding a rare, shiny Meowth. And don’t feel forced to catch every Meowth that appears. Players are welcome to just leave a battle once they realize the Meowth isn’t shiny and keep moving. So long as players keep walking and searching, a shiny Meowth should appear.

Players will also need to get accustomed to their neighborhoods and find where Pokémon nests are hiding. Nests are spawn points for Pokémon in Pokemon GO. Finding a Meowth nest is sure to land players a lot of spawned Meowths in one area and increase the chances a little bit further in finding that shiny Meowth. Players who happen to find a Meowth nest should use incense and keep walking to ensure more Meowths spawn and increase the chances of finding a shiny.

A third way of tracking down a shiny Meowth is by being lucky enough to hatch one. Meowth appears in 5km eggs, so players that have a bunch should start walking them now. However, this method is perhaps the least effective. The thing about eggs is that players never really know what they’re going to hatch from one. Using eggs is more based on the luck of the draw more than anything, but it’s definitely not impossible to find a shiny Meowth this way. It’s also worth pointing out that players can also hatch Alolan eggs to see if they’re lucky enough to find a shiny Alolan Meowth if they’re interested.

Shiny Meowth isn’t drastically different from regular Meowth, so it can be hard to tell that you have a shiny until you catch them. These elusive shiny Meowths tend to have accent colors that are tan and maroon rather than brown and red. However, players won’t be able to see that until they click on the Meowth that populates.

It also doesn’t help that shiny Meowth doesn’t evolve into the strongest shiny Persian either. There are a few normal and dark type Pokémon who can take out the shiny Persian, which doesn’t make it ideal for battling with. However, for players who want to catch as many (if not all) of the shiny Pokémon, shiny Meowth is a must!

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Pokémon GO is now available on Android and iOS systems.

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