Godzilla vs Kong Toy Commercial Previews The Titan’s Movie Battle

There is no trailer yet for Godzilla vs. Kong, but a toy commercial does the next best thing by having the Titans collide in action figure format.

Godzilla vs. Kong doesn’t have a trailer yet, but a toy commercial teases the big showdown. The upcoming MonsterVerse brawl is one of the bigger blockbusters releasing this year. Not a whole lot has been officially revealed, although the novelization teases an all-out war.

It’s been an interesting journey for Godzilla vs. Kong. Technically, the gap between MonsterVerse movies will be the shortest. However, it feels longer due to delays and lack of information. Things have been kept close to the vest, with not even a teaser. Instead, much of the notable news has come from toys. There have been some banners, but it was toy packaging that revealed a crisp, full shot of the monsters colliding. One can speculate on why there’s a lack of marketing, but a likely reason right now is its HBO Max release. In late December, it was reported Warner Bros. may have to pay Legendary Studios $250 million for the film to stream. Assuming everything is being settled, there shouldn’t be any problems. However, it wouldn’t make sense to begin marketing on the chance the film sees another delay. For now, the toys will have to do.

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A Godzilla vs. Kong toy commercial has been released (via Kaiju News Outlet), showing off the title characters in their action figure forms. The figures are made by Playmates Toys, who has crafted an assortment of character figures aimed at a young audience. Humorously, the commercial uses footage from Godzilla: King of the Monsters and Kong: Skull Island alongside the toys to convey the characters attacking each other. Check out the commercial below.

One can see the humor in a toy commercial not using footage from the film it’s marketing for. However, it also makes sense. Legendary probably doesn’t want official footage to come from a toy commercial before a trailer. Interestingly, a toy leak back in April, 2020, potentially spoiled a new character to the MonsterVerse. It’s not known if that figure is releasing later on. Those interested in the Playmates Toys figures in the commercial can find most of them available now at Walmart.

The wait for Godzilla vs. Kong’s trailer continues. Legendary actually poked fun at fans continually asking in a sweepstakes back in October. If the film retains its May release, it shouldn’t be that much longer. In the meantime, Godzilla blasting Kong, and the latter retaliating with a punch in toy format, is the closest thing to the real deal. When the Godzilla vs. Kong trailer finally does see release, it will be quite an exciting day.

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Source: Kaiju News Outlet

  • Godzilla vs. Kong (2021)Release date: May 21, 2021

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