Fall Guys Getting DOOM Costumes Next Week

After a month of hints, the new Doom-inspired Fall Guys skins will be releasing next week, featuring iconic characters of the series.

At long last, Fall Guys developer Mediatonic will finally be adding Doom-inspired skins to the game after some hints that have been put up to tease the new add-on. While there had previously been a tease from the company, a new trailer has shown that the costumes will be coming next week.

The game that’s been around since the summer has been constantly updating its content, with new seasons and skins that come out every couple of months. Recently, the team dropped skins that were related to a charity contest the game’s official Twitter account held back in August 2020, one of which is related to the popular YouTuber Mr. Beast. Of course, there have been other crossovers with plenty of other games as well – not only creators and companies.

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In a new trailer posted to YouTube from Devolver Digital, the devs show off brand-new costumes on everyone’s favorite beans, all to the classic theme music of DOOM. In the trailer, the characters are running through a Doom-ish environment that seems chaotic and fun, and near the end, the Doom Slayer makes his grand debut – well, the skin of Doom Slayer. The other two costumes, the Tyrant and the Cacodemon, also appear, showing that they will be two of the new Doom skins as well. The skins will be available for players to get starting January 12th for a limited time. However, there has not been an announcement yet on how long they will be in the store and when they will leave. There also hasn’t been anything confirmed if there will be a Doom-inspired arena like the one based in the trailer, but if that does seem to happen it will surely add on some hell-ish fun.


The Fall Guys team has been working hard to reward its players with new skins. Recently, the game has come out with gold skins to give to their top players. How much these skins might cost – or how many crowns players might have to win – have not been announced, but it’s not unfathomable that they’ll cost 10 crowns apiece (falling in line with previous crossover costumes).

DOOM Eternal was one of the many games that came out last year and became a hit, thanks to its challenging levels and fast-paced action. Fall Guys itself had a big release and experienced mainstream-levels of popularity, becoming one of the biggest multiplayer games of the year in the process, so it’s not surprising that two of 2020’s biggest games decided to collaborate on something together. Whether this will mean the beginning of more crossovers between Fall Guys and other popular 2020 games (maybe Animal Crossing?), only time will tell.

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Source: Devolver Digital – YouTube

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