Brandon & Julia Hook Up On-Camera, Leave Fans Cringing

90 Day Bares All shows Brandon Gibbs and Julia Trubkina hooking up in the car. Check out the short video clip going viral on social media.

Many 90 Day Fiancé viewers might be excited to know that the separate room situation didn’t keep Brandon Gibbs and his super hot Russian fiancée Julia Trubkina apart. When the couple failed to make out in the house, they found the next best place, which was the car! One of their intimate scenes was shown on 90 Day Bares All, a spin-off that recently premiered on Discovery+.

The 27-year-old farm boy Brandon is madly in love with his go-go dancer lover Julia. This 90 Day Fiancé couple met on a video call and soon fell in love. They took things forward by making their parents meet each other and eventually got engaged. They are now looking forward to getting married within 90 days. However, there’s a bumpy road ahead. Brandon spent his savings on Julia Trubkina’s American visa and her tickets, so he doesn’t have any funds left. So, the couple needs to live with his conservative parents, mother Betty and father Ron, until they can afford a separate apartment. Since the young couple often sounds naive (they aren’t ready to have a baby or use protection), Betty and Ron have asked them to sleep in separate rooms.

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All the same, it looks like Betty’s efforts were wasted because she couldn’t keep this young 90 Day Fiancé duo from getting lovey-dovey with each other. A short clip from 90 Day Bares All went viral on social media, in which Brandon Gibbs and Julia Trubkina can be seen hooking up in the car. It’s unclear if the couple knew if they were being recorded at that moment or not. However, it certainly looks like they didn’t care about the camera set up on the car’s dashboard, which shows them smooching each other. Before the TLC cameras could record the whole thing, the scene changes. Viewers hear Julia moaning, suggesting the couple was engaged in a sexual act. Check out the video below reshared by (via @187anonymousgossipp):

Even Angela Deem, who was invited as a guest on the show, said, “What the hell?” The show host Shaun Robinson was so embarrassed that she couldn’t watch the scene and hid her face with a cue card. If TLC thought that this scene would tease viewers to subscribe to Discovery +, then they might have to come up with another tactic because most fans found it cringy.

They commented things like, “The teenagers are back at it again. this is embarrassing. Cringe x1000,” “That gave me a trauma,” “Excuse me while I go gouge my eyeballs out with a melon scoop,” and “I literally screamed ‘ewwww.’” Others replied with hundreds of barf emojis. However, some 90 Day Fiancé fans think that it was all Betty’s fault. Since she didn’t let the couple enjoy some sexy time in the house, they had to get romantic in the car.

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Source: @187anonymousgossipp

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