Black Ops Cold War Grenade Glitch Gives Players The Power Of Flight

A new bug was discovered in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War that gives players a brief taste of the power of flight, at the cost of a life.

Another Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War glitch makes it on to the ever-growing list of bugs that have been in the game since launch. By using certain equipment, one player got one step closer to discovering the power of flight in Black Ops Cold War. The new flight bug is fairly tame compared to some of the issues that have been in the latest entry to the Call of Duty franchise. Black Ops Cold War released back on November 13th for multiple platforms, and the fight against bugs has been alive and well since then.

At release, there were far worse issues that were essentially game-breaking for many players. One bug caused the Xbox Series X/S version of the game to brick consoles. After 4-5 games, the consoles would crash and after enough crashes, the console would turn off for good. The problem was explained by previous-generation versions of the game running on the new Xbox Series X/S. Another major bug that frustrated many players near launch involved the camos and their unlock challenges. Some players got lucky and were able to unlock diamond camos on their weapons by accident. Other players who dedicated their time to dark matter camo were met with some disheartening glitches that delayed the dark matter camo being unlocked.

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Unlike some of the more game-breaking bugs, the newfound semi-flight bug is at least entertaining when it happens. The clip of the bug in action was posted to Reddit by a user named E3zyy. In the clip, E3zyy is playing on Holiday Nuketown 84′ on the blue house side of the map. E3zyy spawns on the right side behind the garage and he has two semtex grenades equipped. They immediately start tossing both semtex grenades over the garage as they sprint out of the spawn. When E3zyy throws the second grenade, he jumps over the domination point while doing so and that’s when the fun begins.

As soon as the second semtex is released in an arc over the garage, E3zyy’s player body is thrown in the same arc as a superhero. Unfortunately, the flight powers didn’t come with explosive resistance and it appeared like their own semtex grenade mixed with fall damage caused their death. In the clip, it didn’t appear like the bug was intentional, especially as it didn’t lead to anything useful like a constant flight over the map.

While the semtex flight bug is pretty funny to watch, it’s not even close to the only bug in the game, and many aren’t nearly as harmless or enjoyable. At launch, Black Ops Cold War had plenty of bugs of course, and it led to the delay of Season 1 for both Warzone and Black Ops Cold War. When Season 1 dropped, it was apparent that players would need to deal with further bugs until developers had the time to iron everything. It’s clearly a frustrating situation for fans, but hopefully Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War will be fairly stable in the coming weeks.

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Source: E3zyy – Reddit

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