Among Us Alternative Project Winter Is Coming To Xbox & PC

A new alternative to Among Us is coming out, putting eight players against each other to find out who is the traitor among a group in a blizzard.

A new alternative to the popular Among Us game is going to be coming to both PC and Xbox, titled Project Winter. The game, which has been out on Steam for a little bit, has the same concepts as the popular mobile game, but with a couple of extra features that are not in Among Us. 

The mobile game that took over 2020 still remained popular into the new year. Among Us has come to multiple platforms lately, such as the Nintendo Switch and soon Xbox. Fans from all over the world have embraced the game through fan art, different retellings of the maps, and plenty of crossovers. But when one genre in gaming gets popular, multiple other games start to come out as well, and that is what Project Winter is.

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According to Other Ocean Group, the development team behind Project Winter, the game’s premise is that it takes place in the icy tundra of the mountains, covered by a thick blanket of wilderness and blizzards. Eight teammates must work together to escape the horrors around them, all while trying to keep an eye out for the “deathly intentions” of other team members. The game incorporates crafting and resource gathering while also encouraging players to speak to each other, because if teamwork is not involved then “grizzly bears” and sabotage will be. What makes Project Winter a bit different from Among Us is not only does it already have a voice proximity feature, but it will also be available for Xbox users in the near future.

For a game that’s similar to Among Us, this is the sort of news players like to hear. The popular game does have a voice proximity mod that many users have been using so that way text chat is rendered obsolete. However, because it is a mod, users on Xbox or Nintendo Switch did not have access to it, which is what makes this new alternative a bit more alluring to the eye. Not only that, but it seems there is a bit more gameplay involved with this as well – through survival and crafting mechanics. Even so, many might prefer the more simple gameplay of Among Us.

While Among Us continues to be popular on mobile, with fans making crossovers constantly for people to enjoy, there’s no denying that it might be time for a change. And for those players that want it, Project Winter could be the answer. The game is already available on Steam but will be coming to Xbox and Windows 10 on January 26th, launching crossplay, as well as Xbox Game Pass for those subscribers to enjoy.

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