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The ever-popular true-crime series Unsolved Mysterious was so popular that the one series back in 187 wasn’t enough, it came back again in 2008, and again in 2020. The 2020 series premiered on Netflix and took the world by storm. With the all-new recent obsession that pop culture has for true crime, the series was talked about all over social media.

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The 2020 version of Unsolved Mysterious already has two seasons which are six episodes each. Each episode covers a different mystery and deep dive into theories or ideas of what may have happened surrounding these mysteries. As always, the show encourages viewers that if they have any kind of information, to contact authorities to try to get one step closer to solving the case. Here are the best episodes available to watch.

10 Lady In The Lake, 6.8

Lady in the Lake Unsolved Mysteries

“Lady in the Lake” is the fifth episode in season two and focuses on a mother who suddenly went missing one night. Her car was left by a lake but there was no sign of the woman to be found anywhere.

The police had assumed that JoAnn Romain had drowned in the lake on that icy evening, but her three children didn’t buy it, they suspected more. The lake has little current, so it wasn’t like it could pull her downstream, they should have found her had she actually gone in, but she was just gone.

9 Washington Insider Murder, 6.8

“Washington Insider Murder” is the first episode of season two with a rating of 6.8 from IMDb users. This mystery doesn’t deal with a missing persons report like “Lady in the Lake,” instead it deals with a found body and the mystery of how it got there. Jack Wheeler, the former White House aide, had been found in a landfill.

They knew he was murdered but they had no idea why or who would target this man. He was someone of notoriety and was left in a place with the intention and assumed hope that the body will never be found.

8 Stolen Kids, 7.1

The final episode of season two, “Stolen Kids,” follows the mystery of two missing children who were stolen from the same park in Harlem, New York City only a month apart from one another back in 1989, and they still have not been found.

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What was bizarre about this case was that there were several mothers watching the kids playing in the park at this time, which means they were taken from right under their noses. The kids were so young, the case is a horrible one.

7 Death Row Fugitive, 7.1

This episode is wild. In the third episode of season two, a convicted murderer escapes when he is given a furlough to go Christmas shopping for the holidays in 1973.

He was on death row, but for some reason, they took him to a shopping mall and that was when he escaped the police that were watching over him. The concept is so ridiculous and unusual but after years of not finding the killer, no matter how close they get, police still believe he is at large.

6 13 Minutes, 7.1

Unsolved Mysteries 13 Minutes on Netflix - Patrice Endres

Like most episodes of Unsolved Mysteries, “13 Minutes” is completely heartwrenching. The story is told from the perspective of Patrice Endres’ son as his mother went missing while the young man was still in high school. She disappeared from her salon one day and the next 13 minutes of her life were a total mystery.

She was found nearly two years later deep in the woods in Georgia, dead. There were a large number of persons of interest in this case, but it seems like no one seemed to know anything or be a solid enough choice to be a true suspect.

5 No Ride Home, 7.2

No Ride Home Unsolved Mysteries

“No Ride Home” is the fourth episode of season one and follows the missing person’s report of 23-year-old Alonzo Brooks who disappeared after attending a party. Alonzo’s body was found a month after his sudden disappearance in Kansas. His friends had to leave the party separately from Alonzo, and hours later they called his house to make sure he arrived home safely, but he still hadn’t been home.

But what first struck them as terrifying was that they found his boots and hat along the long road that led from the party at different points, as if they were thrown out of a moving car. Many people involved believe this murder to be a hate crime.

4 A Death In Oslo, 7.4

A Death in Oslo Unsolved Mysteries

There have actually been a ton of theories about the missing person who was unidentified in the hotel room of this unsolved case that covers the episode, “A Death in Oslo” during season two of the series.

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After checking into a hotel with no ID and only cash, a woman is found shot in the head in her luxury suite. She remains a complete mystery in both her identity and her death. She was killed the moment a hotel concierge knocked on the door to ask for her credit card to put on file. There was a gap of time after the concierge ran downstairs to call the security, which is when they think the killer escaped. One of the most common theories about this mysterious woman was that she was some kind of spy, as she had no identity, and her death was made to look like a suicide, though many don’t believe it to be.

3 Missing Witness, 7.7

Missing Witness Unsolved Mysteries

“Missing Witness” is the final episode in season one and focuses on the strange disappearance of a young woman who had disappeared after her family discovered what actually happened to their long-missing step-father. The missing person, Lena, claimed to her family that her mother killed her step-father. Lena’s mother, Sandy, had an affair shortly before her husband went missing and all of Sandy’s children, Lena included, were extremely concerned.

Years later, when Lena tries to go to court for her claims, she disappears, becoming the missing witness in the disappearance of her step-father.

2 Mystery On The Rooftop, 7.8

Mystery on the Rooftop Unsolved Mysteries

“Mystery on the Rooftop” was the first episode of the 2020 series and pegged so many more questions than it gave answers. Rey Rivera rushed from his home after receiving a mysterious call one night and was never to be seen alive again.

His car and body were found in a historic hotel, but nothing seems to add up. Some of his personal belongings can be found on the roof, while his body lay floors below, slightly across the hotel, too far to jump. While many ruled it a suicide, many police and his family think foul play was involved, especially because of the fact that their house alarm had gone off twice in the same week, and his shady best friend had roped him into a mysterious new business deal.

1 House Of Terror, 8.2

House of Terror Unsolved Mysteries

This episode of Unsolved Mysteries is the highest-rated episode of the series with an 8.2 in user ratings. It is the third episode of season one and is fully in French.

An aristocrat and his entire family suddenly disappear. But once they start looking for the family, the authorities uncover something even more horrifying. The two parents, four children, and dogs all seemingly packed up and left. At least, that is what the authorities initially believed. That is until the bodies of the mother, children, and dogs were found under the terrace in the garden, with only the father missing.

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