10 Awesome Nintendo Games That Deserve A Switch Rerelease

The Nintendo Switch has become one of the best-selling gaming systems of all time, which was a much-needed win for Nintendo after the devastating failure of the Wii U. However, strangely enough, the Switch has also become the home to numerous Wii U rereleases, many of which have gone on to be some of the Switch’s most popular games.

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Titles like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, the Switch’s bestselling title, Donkey Kong Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, and Pikmin 3 Deluxe are all ports from the Wii U console, not to mention the fact that both an NES and SNES collection have been rereleased to the Switch, too. Here are 10 other great Nintendo games that should be remastered and re-released for Nintendo’s hybrid console.

10 Donkey Kong 64 (N64)

Donkey Kong 64 was one of the bestselling N64 games and took the DK crew out of the 2-D scrolling world and placed them into a lush, immersive realm of 3D gameplay. Other noticeable differences between the N64 game and its SNES predecessors were new characters, the ability to switch characters throughout the game, and, of course, that famous DK rap. In 2015 the game was released virtually for the Wii U, but a hi-def remaster for Switch would be an excellent addition to the DKC franchise.

9 Super Smash Bros. Melee (Gamecube)

A new Smash Bros. game is released for every Nintendo console, but none have the lasting power of Melee. The GameCube version had just the right amount of characters and levels to provide gamers with a diverse selection without getting lost in an endless sea of new choices.

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Plus, for many gamers, Melee holds a sense of nostalgia, as they remember being kids and playing it with their friends. It could be the perfect game to release digitally on the Nintendo store.

8 Resident Evil 2 (N64 / GameCube)

Resident Evil 2 is one of the most celebrated games in the series, and the N64 version was met with critical and commercial success. The franchise is perfect for fans of horror games and anyone who loves a good story, lots of suspense, and some great scares. Plus, the Switch already released an HD remaster of the original RE game, and a Resident Evil 2 remake was launched in 2019 for Xbox and PlayStation, so getting the Resident Evil 2 port to the Switch shouldn’t be too daunting of a task.

7 SSX Tricky (GameCube / Game Boy Advance)

EA’s popular snowboarding series, SSX, sadly stopped launching new titles back in 2012. However, many gamers still fondly remember the franchise, especially the groundbreaking SSX Tricky, which not only had great graphics for the time and a diverse set of characters from around the world, but the game also had a great soundtrack and was somehow even able to get the license to play Run-DMC’s “It’s Tricky” every time you did a premium trick. Luckily for fans, the idea of a remastered SSX Tricky game has recently been mentioned by the game’s producer as a possibility.

6 Pokemon Stadium (N64)

In the 90s, fans of Pokémon had been craving more immersive gameplay, especially during the battle sequences. It’s one thing to be told that Gyarados has the move Hydro Pump, but it’s another to see it in action. Nintendo did release a spiritual sequel to Stadium in 2017 with Pokkén Tournament for Wii U, which was later ported to Switch, but the game was met with mixed reviews and little fanfare.

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Reviewers were a bit bummed at the lack of character choice and limited gameplay. An updated rerelease of Pokémon Stadium could be what Pokémon fans have been craving.

5 Kirby’s Epic Yarn (Wii)

Kirby’s Epic Yarn, the tenth game in the Kirby series, was released on the Wii to rave reviews. The game’s style is visually stunning and unique. It has a homemade craft feel, and everything throughout the levels is constructed from felt, yarn, string, and quilts.

The game deserves a rerelease for its unique and fun style alone, but, combined with its award-winning gameplay, it’s a no-brainer to release for a new generation of gamers who might not have owned a Wii.

4 GoldenEye 007 (N64)

Numerous retrospectives have not only cited N64’s GoldenEye as being an important part of Nintendo’s history, but it’s also ranked as one of the best video games of all time, and it is credited with helping to create the modern first-person shooter.

Thanks to the game’s important role in history—not to mention, it’s just extremely fun to play—it seems warranted to give the game a rerelease, especially if the multiplayer mode could be opened to online play.

3 Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem (GameCube)

This critically acclaimed terrifying GameCube game was sadly a commercial failure. It was targeted to an older audience than many GameCube owners and had a complex and explorative storyline centering around a deadly curse that crossed continents and spanned thousands of years.

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Looking back, many say it was a misunderstood masterpiece that fans of Resident Evil and Silent Hill would love. Seeing as many gamers no longer own GameCubes, a Switch rerelease would be the perfect way to give this hidden gem a second chance.

2 Banjo-Kazooie (N64)

Many fans are wondering what happened to the popular Nintendo franchise Banjo-Kazooie. The series launched in the heyday of franchise platformers, competing alongside titles like Crash Bandicoot and Spyro. Even more peculiar is that Banjo-Kazooie, along with its two sequels, was re-released in a special Rare Replay game pack for Xbox, and a possible Xbox sequel has been announced… but both Banjo and Kazooie also made a return in Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Many gamers want to know where Banjo-Kazooie‘s future lies… with Xbox or Nintendo?

1 Perfect Dark (N64)

Modeled after GoldenEye 077, Perfect Dark was another of N64’s best titles. This first-person shooter followed an elite secret agent as she tried to foil a nefarious extraterrestrial conspiracy. The game was the perfect blend of action, sci-fi, and suspense, and some even claim that it can be seen as the predecessor to games like Halo.

Perfect Dark was named one of Nintendo’s “Player’s Choice” games, now called ‘Nintendo Selects,’ and is fondly remembered by many gamers. With a reported reboot on the horizon, now is the perfect time for Nintendo to rerelease the original 2000 game.

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