10 Bedrooms From Popular Movies & TV Shows Fans Wish They Had

One of the best parts of seeing our favorite characters on the big screen or on TV is seeing how they live. What’s their home life like? What’s their personal style? And more importantly, how did they decorate their bedroom? It’s fun for viewers to decorate their own bedrooms after being inspired by their favorite characters.

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There are thousands of iconic bedrooms that fans have all seen on-screen wish they had themselves but there’s something special about the ones on this list. They spoke to the inner teenager in all of us and inspired us to live boldly and sleep soundly.

10 Cher’s Bedroom: Clueless

chers bedroom - clueless

Cher lived in an enormous house in California that was filled with maids, cleaners, and staff all day long. Her dad was a prominent lawyer in the area who was able to give his daughter an incredible life… and an immaculate bedroom.

Cher’s bedroom was massive and feminine. There was a walk-in closet with its own computer system, a fireplace, and Victorian wallpaper. Whether Cher decorated her room herself or had a professional do it for her, it was what nature ‘90s bedroom dreams were made of. Clueless released in 1995 and Cher’s bedroom is still talked about. 

9 Dawson Leary Hangout Spot: Dawson’s Creek

dawsons bedroom - dawsons creek

Dawson’s Creek lasted for six seasons and was the epitome of the late ’90s, early 2000s. It also launched the careers of James Van Deer Beek, Katie Holmes, Joshua Jackson, and Michelle Williams. While the show was a rollercoaster of emotions for these high-schoolers, fans were obsessed with more than the drama; they were fixated on Dawson’s bedroom.

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Filled with posters, trophies, and cozy blankets, everyone hung out in Dawson’s bedroom. What fans loved the most is that he had a TV in his bedroom, so everyone cozied up with some snacks and watched TV together.

8 Mindy’s Loft: The Mindy Project

mindys bedroom - the mindy project

Mindy Lahiri’s bedroom in The Mindy Project was what anyone could have hoped for in the bustling city of Manhattan. With tiny apartments, Mindy was able to make her bedroom one of the strongest parts of the house, thanks to her decorating.

Her massive headboard made her bed look cozy and royal. And let’s not forget that Mindy always had snacks lying around, which was perfect for those late nights where she didn’t want to leave the bed. She also had a walk-in closet on the side of her bedroom that was big enough for her colorful wardrobe. 

7 Clarissa’s Massive Bedroom: Clarissa Explains It All

Clarissa Explains It All was an iconic television show on Nickelodeon from the ‘90s that starred Melissa Joan Hart. Clarissa was always in her bedroom, which had everything a teenager could want.

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Why leave the comforts of her bedroom when she had more than the average teenager? Clarissa had a computer, a window that allowed her friends to climb in when they wanted to, a pet alligator, and fun pictures hanging all over the walls. Clarissa’s room was eccentric and matched her personality.

6 Regina George’s Master Suite: Mean Girls

regina george bedroom - mean girls

Cady Heron spoke for everyone when she shockingly asked “This is your room?” to Regina George after taking one step into her bedroom. It had its own patio, a massive closet, a raised bed, and more room than needed for a teenage girl who was barely home.

However, Regina “made” her parents trade bedrooms with her and they took the bait. Regina’s bedroom was pink and colorful, it even had a lounge area! It has everything a person could ever need, which is why her bedroom was the ultimate hangout spot in Mean Girls

5 Claudia Kishi’s Pad: The Baby-Sitters Club

All members of the Babysitter's Club at a meeting in Claudia's room.

Netflix did a fantastic job with their version of The Baby-Sitters Club. The casting department nailed making these beloved characters from the books come to life. Claudia, in particular, was praised not just for her fashion choices but for her bedroom.

Claudia had a loft-like bedroom that had a work area, a lounge area, and a place to sleep. She also had candies hidden throughout the room, making it a perfect place for the Baby-Sitters Club meetings.

4 Lara Jean’s Oasis: To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

lara jeans bedroom

Lara Jean’s bedroom in To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before was a relaxing oasis. With teal-colored walls, it looked like Lara Jean was sleeping under the sea. But what was more notable was her twinkling lights and all the pictures she had hanging above her desk.

Viewers could tell Lara Jean spent a lot of her time in her bedroom and made it special with personal touches. In fact, fans of the Netflix hit loved Lara Jean’s bedroom so much that Film and Furniture did an interview with the set designer Paul Joyal for tips on recreating her bedroom. 

3 Mia’s Stairway To Solitude: Princess Diaries

mias bedroom - princess diaries

It wasn’t just Mia’s relation to the royal throne that made Princess Diaries fans jealous, it was her bedroom. Mia and her mother lived in an old fire station that was transformed into a home and art studio. This gave a ton of character to their home, including Mia’s bedroom.

Mia’s ceiling was painted like the sky but what was cooler was the old staircase in her bedroom. The staircase was in the center of her room and spiraled towards the sky. When Mia was in a bad mood, she climbed the tower to hide from her mother. It was a mini getaway that every kid/teen wished they had. 

2 Arnold’s Glass Ceiling: Hey Arnold

hey arnold bedroom

Arnold may have been a Nickelodeon cartoon but fans of the show wanted his bedroom for themselves. With his grandparents owning an old apartment building, Arnold’s bedroom was in the attic on the top floor.

His entire ceiling was made out of windows, which allowed him to see the stars at night. He had shelves built into his wall where he kept all of his memorabilia and his TV. Arnold even had his own computer! Arnold may have had an odd home-life but his bedroom was far better than his friends’.

1 Torrance’s Bright Room: Bring It On

bring it on - bedroom

Bring It On came out in 2000 and showed off the fictional lives of competitive cheerleaders. Kirsten Dunst played Torrance Shipman who was the captain of her squad. As a teenager, Torrance still lived in her parents’ home in a bright yellow bedroom.

She had posters hanging all over the walls, stuffed animals on the shelves, and stickers slapped on her furniture. Her bedroom was the epitome of a teenage-hood. To prove how influential Torrance’s bedroom was. Ariana Grande recreated it for her music video for “Thank You, Next.”   

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