Which Emily In Paris Character Are You, Based On Your MBTI®

Irrespective of how you feel about Emily in Paris, no one can deny that the show gave us a plethora of complex and interesting characters. In fact, the character arcs were perhaps the best things about the show because edgy and taut character-writing does downplay some of the elements which make Emily in Paris a glossier and candy floss-ier Sex and the City.

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Be it the vibrant but overenthusiastic Emily, the domineering Sylvie or the interesting men like Gabriel, Antoine or Mathieu, the show is chock-a-block with exciting characters, and here’s a listing of their MBTI® personality types:

10 ESFJ: Emily

Emily In Paris Effiel Tower Blouse

Emily is obviously an ESFJ, and even she’ll admit that she can be Extraverted, Observant, Feeling, and Judging. ESFJs are referred to as the ‘Consul’, which means they make for great allies and they like uplifting people around them. ESFJs are extremely sociable and thrive under pressure to impress, which would explain why Emily came ready to take on a challenge and was quite unyielding when it came to winning hearts at her new workplace. ESFJs seek out commitment in almost all of their relationships and feel quite out-of-place with non-committal arrangements, and Emily too ultimately wanted a steady, old fashioned relationship.

9 ESTP: Antoine

emily in paris antoine lambert

The Emily in Paris fandom will unanimously agree that the suave, debonair Antoine is an ESTP, also known as the Entrepreneur type. They are a muted version of ESFJ personality types and though they are extraverted, they don’t go with their first instinct. They are primarily thinkers and have earthy and agreeable personalities.

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Antoine wasn’t exactly an elitist or a snob, and even though he was really wealthy and a man of culture, he was an original thinker and made his own opinions about people. ESTPs also like living life on the edge and are inherent risk-takers which indicates how Antoine made some of his decisions.

8 ENFJ: Camille

ENFJs are natural-born leaders and go-getters, although they may have a hard time stepping away from the limelight and let someone else receive the applause. ENFJs are also very brave and unperturbed by what people think about them, which makes them so successful in creative fields. In the show, Camille is a great friend to Emily and she’s really warm and kind, however like a true ENFJ she has troubles connecting with others’ perspectives. Like how she didn’t understand why Gabriel felt indebted to his parents because they helped him out financially.

7 ISFP: Gabriel

ISFPs are classic introverts who are warm, grounded and can have troubles expressing how they really feel, as a result they struggle with the idea of total transparency in a relationship. ISFPs are still adventurous and hate being typecast, since they are very open to possibilities. This would explain a lot of things about Gabriel, about how he found it so hard to find his footing in his relationship with the outgoing Camille, or how he could never be upfront with Emily about his hang-ups.

6 ESTP: Julien

emily in paris julien

ESTPs can be very extraverted and effervescent but that doesn’t mean they are not deep or emotional. They are simply more prone to seek out the pleasures in life and are naturally driven towards positivity and Julien was a true-blue ESTPs.

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It’s important to note that ESTPs are great friends and can be genuinely supportive and nurturing, however they usually stick to familiar territories and circles, which makes sense because Julien did have some anxieties about giving in to the American corporate culture. He also wasn’t entirely comfortable with Emily’s presence, however with time he started warming up to her.

5 ENFP: Luc

luc and emily talking -emily in paris

ENFP are dreamers and are in touch with their own emotions, and can often get a little carried away. They can also be somewhat sensitive and out-of-touch-with reality, but they are very observant and intuitive. Luc was someone who was simply irked by the cultural invasion which he believed would threaten his way of life, but in reality he’s quite charming, friendly and witty. They can also be quite selective and tend to appreciate the finer things in life, but most of all, they value loyalty and a sense of stability.

4 ESTJ: Madeleine

ESTJs are somewhat traditionalists but they are also really resourceful and motivated. They are also natural pack-builders and are usually alpha material, which means they are tough enough to take calls and have the ability to strengthen others.

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Madeleine has been a steadfast ally for Emily from Day 1, which is remarkable considering she’s her boss and also older than her. But Madeleine is not just a friend for Emily but also lets her take the position she had wanted for herself which establishes her as a functional leader. 

3 INFP: Mathieu

INFPs are ‘mediators’ which means they’re peace-seekers and work hard to sustain relationships they care about. INFPs are introverts but they are very resilient and helpful which makes them great friends. Mathieu is someone who is compatible with Emily, he’s caring, he clearly has chemistry with her and also family-oriented. These are all values that he shares with Emily and Mathieu is a little old school and traditional when it comes to his approach to life and is clearly a good match for Emily. This is also the reason why fans think Mathieu is a better match for Emily than Gabriel.

2 ESFP: Mindy


ESFPs are big go-getters and want to live by their own rules; though they are free-spirited and a bit rebellious, they do care about the important stuff in life and can be quite grounded. But they are also very spontaneous and extraverted which makes them very socially adaptable. This explains a lot of things about Mindy; why she chose to leave her family business to pursue her own dreams, how she learnt the Parisian ways so quickly and why she was so quick to embark on a friendship with a girl she had just met.

1 ENTJ: Sylvie

ENTJs are decisive and know what they want, they can also be quite stubborn and unyielding but they make for excellent commanders and leaders. They are driven by logic and reason and have a lot of faith in their own intuitions which makes them very self-aware and empowered. Sylvie is a total ENTJ, she does come across as someone who’s snobbish and quick to draw conclusions but she’s not a bad boss. She could be quite demanding and enjoys control in her own circle but also enjoys fresh ideas and can stand her own ground if challenged.

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