What Among Us’ Secret Polus NPC Is Actually Doing In The Bathroom

Among Us has recently revealed there is a hidden character on the Polus map, but what is this NPC doing, and is it a friend or another Impostor?

There is a hidden NPC in one of the bathrooms on Among Us’ Polus map, but what is it doing there? Among Us is all about players running and hiding from Impostors, after all, so it is easy at first to think this is just another Crewmate trying not to get killed. If that’s the case, however, why doesn’t this Among Us NPC try to escape, help players finish tasks, or participate in Emergency Meetings?

Among Us’ three maps have a lot of backstory and lore attached to them, with fans coming up with theories on both things the developers have hinted at and things which just sound like they could be plausible. Some players think the Impostors in Among Us are actually just trying to protect themselves, for instance, and other fans think they can trace Among Us’ timeline from Polus, to the Skeld, to finally MIRA-HQ. Because of the simple, easy-to-pick-up nature of Among Us’ gameplay, and the minimalist design of its characters and environments, players have lots of room to fill in the gaps with their own lore ideas.

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However, not all Among Us lore is fan-made. The developers at InnerSloth have provided a few details about the origin of Among Us’ Impostors in the past, and recently the game’s official Twitter account revealed there was a secret NPC hiding in one of the bathroom stalls on Among Us’ Polus map. This all-white Among Us character appears to be standing still and hiding from everyone else – but why? What is this secret Among Us character up to?

Is Among Us Teasing A Massive Lore Update?

Promo image for the Polus map in Among Us

The official Among Us Twitter account released a short .gif showing the new Crewmate hiding on Polus, and attached the message “EXTREME POLUS LORE” with it. While this could simply be a social media personality’s attempt at a joke (saying something is dramatically important when it isn’t) it could also be a tease that new lore-based content will begin showing up in the game soon. InnerSloth has already announced it is working on a new map for Among Us, and players can likely look forward to more of these hidden secrets there. Unfortunately, that doesn’t immediately answer the question at hand – why is this particular Crewmate in Among Us hiding in Polus’ bathroom?

There are a few options. The first (and most likely) is that this Crewmate is simply terrified of being attacked by an Impostor, and so they have chosen to remain in the bathroom until the danger has passed. It’s also possible this character is actually an Impostor themselves, and instead of running around and eliminating Among Us’ Crewmates it has decided to simply wait for them to leave so it can roam Polus freely. Most Among Us players are in agreement that Polus is likely the home of Among Us’ Impostors, so it is understandable one would not want to leave. The third (and least likely) reason this NPC is in the bathroom may be the most obvious – it could just need to urinate or defecate.

Until InnerSloth confirms whether or not Crewmates in Among Us are biologically able to use the bathroom, any one of these answers are possible. Players haven’t spotted any other Crewmates hiding in weird locations yet, but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. If Among Us’ developers decide to continue this method of hiding NPCs in random locations, players might have a lot of searching to do when Among Us’ new map finally arrives.

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