What Amber Heard Could Look Like As MCU’s Sue Storm

New art imagines Amber Heard as Sue Storm of the Fantastic Four. Marvel gained the rights back to the characters in 2019, gearing up for an MCU intro.

New art imagines what Amber Heard could look like as the MCU’s Sue Storm, a member of the Fantastic Four. There have been several iterations of the Marvel team on film over the years. The original two films came out in 2005 and 2007. They starred Ioan Gruffudd, Chris Evans, Michael Chiklis, and Jessica Alba, with Alba playing Sue Storm. 2015’s notorious Josh Trank version has Kate Mara take over the role of Sue.

In 2019, the rights to many characters, including the Fantastic Four, reverted back to Marvel after Disney acquired 20th Century Fox in a historic merger. Since then, fans have wondered how the MCU will introduce the quartet into their already established universe. The Fantastic Four is an extremely popular group, so it’s safe to say that at some point they will be introduced. As to when exactly that will happen is under wraps.

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New fan art by ApexForm imagines a new Sue Storm being taken over by Amber Heard. The art shows off Sue Storm’s powers of invisibility. Heard is wearing the Fantastic Four uniform inside what looks to be a laboratory. Heard is translucent, her body refracting the sunlight through the windows behind her. Check out the full picture below:

Fans are eagerly awaiting the return of the Fantastic Four. After 2015’s disaster of a film and the forgettable early 2000s versions, any new iteration is most definitely welcomed. With Marvel’s magic touch added, it’s all but guaranteed that their version won’t be nearly as disastrous as previous ones. With already established characters to bounce off of, the Fantastic Four will have an entirely new dynamic. As Marvel gears up for Phase 4 and the eventual explosion of the Multiverse, it’s possible the characters could be introduced that way, although studio head Kevin Feige has said their introduction is a long way off.

As for Heard, well, it’s unlikely she’ll take on another role at thWhatis level. The actress already stars in a DCEU property as Meera in Aquaman. She’ll be reprising her role in the sequel, but backlash has risen against her amidst her contentious court battles with ex-husband Johnny Depp. Unfortunately, the backlash could diminish her once rising star; it’s already affected Depp’s career. Regardless of who plays Sue Storm, though, everyone will be waiting for the new version of the Fantastic Four, just to see if the practically cursed characters can be brought to the big screen successfully.

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Source: ApexForm

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