Sony Outspent Microsoft By Double For PS5 Launch TV Ads

It’s estimated that Sony spent twice as much on TV ads in November for PS5’s launch, compared to what Microsoft spent on Xbox ads during the month.

Sony went all out on its marketing for PlayStation 5‘s launch in November, spending more than twice as much on TV ads as Microsoft did for Xbox Series X|S during the same timeframe. Throughout the year, the Japan-based hardware manufacturer counted among the biggest spenders as far as TV advertisements were concerned. It’s no surprise, then, that Sony decided to up its game for the new console launch.

Gaming-centric brands always pick up their marketing during the holidays. After all, November and December constitute the biggest shopping period of the year. But new console releases demand even more spending in this regard, which is why both Sony’s and Microsoft’s marketing expertise has been on full display for the last several weeks. Even Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty took part in some of the action.

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Sony tossed a little more dough towards TV advertisements than Microsoft, though. According to, which partnered with GamesBeat, Sony spent an estimated $26.2 million on TV ads in November alone. That’s over half of what the industry as a whole dropped on television spots throughout the 30-day period. The $26.2 million figure covered 12 commercials, which played more than 1,400 times to rake in a total of 966.2 million ad impressions on TV. The report from and GamesBeat further notes that an estimated $5.6 million counts as the most Sony spent on a single advertisement, with the ad in question being “Launch: Play Has No Limits.” Interestingly, Sony dedicated over 50 percent of its marketing spend in November to commercials that played during NFL games. College football games and SportsCenter were next in line in terms of where the PlayStation brand’s TV marketing dollars wounded up.

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By comparison, Microsoft’s TV marketing for Xbox came in at an estimated $10.6 million for November. The brand generated approximately 346.4 million TV ad impressions based on five ads that ran a total of 467 times. Similar to PlayStation, the bulk of Microsoft’s Xbox commercials were aired during NFL games. College football and WWE’s Friday Night SmackDown followed close behind. (Evidently, college football is becoming the new favorite for ads.)

It seems Sony’s doing something right. The PlayStation brand is as popular as ever, thanks to what the manufacturer has described as its “biggest console launch ever.” Such demand continues to make it difficult for customers to find the console in question, however.

And, make no mistake, the Xbox brand is no slouch. Microsoft’s marketing efforts are most certainly boosting things on its end, too. Following the launch of Xbox Series X|S in November, the company announced that record-breaking sales had already been achieved. The new console made Xbox history by selling an impressive one million units during just its first day on the market.

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Source: GamesBeat

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