How to Find (& Capture) The Owlhoot Family in Red Dead Online (Legendary Bounties)

Players on the Bounty Hunter role path in Red Dead Online can fill Legendary Bounties for hefty rewards. In one bounty, they target a crime “family.”

The Wild West is possibly best known for its larger-than-life criminals and sense of vigilante justice, and players can experience the thrill of bringing the worst of the worst bad guys to justice in Red Dead Online. Players who progress the Bounty Hunter role as a career in Red Dead Online can find and capture Legendary Bounties. Each of the ten Legendary Bounties comes with their own cinematic introduction, showcasing their crimes. Often these bounties can be brought in dead or alive, though the player will earn more money for bringing the targets to the sheriff alive. Players can complete the Bounties in any order they choose, and they can replay these as many times as they want. However, each time the player replays a Legendary Bounty, it will be more difficult than the first time.

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The Owlhoot Family is reminiscent of other real-life crime “families.” Though not related by blood, these men and women are depicted in the cutscene as brutal butchers. Unlike many of the other Legendary Bounties, the Owlhoot Family Bounty requires players to find and capture four individuals rather than just one. Here’s how to find and capture four members of the Owlhoot Family group and bring them in, dead or alive, in Red Dead Online.

How to Find & Capture The Owlhoot Family in Red Dead Online

Map locations of known spawn areas for members of the Owlhoot Family in Red Dead Online

Before players can go looking for the Owlhoot Family and other bounty targets, they will need to purchase a Bounty Hunter License. They can get this from the Sheriff’s Office in Rhodes for 15 Gold Bars. If players have a Twitch Prime account and have linked it to their Rockstar Games Social Club account, the license will be free.

Players can then check the bounty board for Legendary Bounties and select the target they would like to go after. This will trigger the cutscene and start the bounty hunt mission.

While the four members of the Owlhoot Family sometimes spawn in different locations, they are all concentrated to New Austin in the Rio Bravo region. Players will almost always find one at Benedict Point and one at a camp west of Fort Mercer. The other targets have a tendency to change. They can be found at Benedict Pass, Fort Mercer, and Solomon’s Folly. The map above highlights the most frequent spawn locations for these targets.

Most of the members of the Owlhoot Family the player will need to capture are not alone. This means the player will have to do a little fighting. They can use a bow and arrow and take headshots to eliminate some of these other enemies undetected, which should make the fight a little easier. Players will also want to prioritize the melee fighter enemies with machetes. Due to the high level of these bounties, the melee fighters can kill the player in just a few strikes if they aren’t careful.

A member of the Owlhoot Family at camp in Red Dead Online

Once a player eliminates the rest of the Owlhoot Family member’s posse, they can choose to either kill the Owlhoot criminal or get close enough to tie them up. Players can take the secured bounty to the jail wagon, located near the mountains east of Benedict Point. When transporting the criminal alive on a horse, players will need to follow button prompts to prevent their target from escaping. Alternatively, those on the Bounty Hunter career path can purchase and use a Bounty Hunter Wagon, which prevents targets from escaping during transport automatically.

One of the targets, Mommy Owlhoot, may spawn in the basement of the farmhouse near Benedict Point. Another may spawn on horseback traveling down the road with a wagon. Both of these may be a little more difficult to capture.

After returning the last target to the jail wagon, the wagon will be ambushed by, presumably, other members of the family. This tends to happen at levels four and five more than at other levels. If players aren’t careful or aren’t using a bounty hunter wagon at this point, they may lose one of their last targets in an escape attempt.

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Red Dead Online is available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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