How GTA 6 Could Improve GTA 5’s Dog Companion

Chop, a dog sidekick in GTA 5, has one mission where players can switch to his point of view, but GTA 6 needs to improve dog companion abilities.

Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto 5 gives players the option to play as Franklin’s pet, Chop, but there are some gameplay elements that Grand Theft Auto 6 can improve for the future of in-game dog companions. Chop is a loyal Rottweiler that players can switch to in the mission Chop. The drawback is that players are only given the ability to see through this canine’s eyes as he gets distracted by another dog and as he hunts down an enemy near some boxcars. Besides this mission, players do not have the ability to become Chop in GTA 5’s main story.

Franklin can walk with Chop, have him take a seat in his car, or play fetch in GTA 5, but there is no option to switch to Chop’s perspective during any of these interactions. Additionally, Chop can sniff out collectibles and quest items, as well as be trained to do tricks and improve his abilities. However, in order to train this character, players need to download the iFruit app, which lacks the immersive experience and development that is part of the base game.

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While the game was not designed around Chop as a playable character, many fans are hoping to see a dog companion in the next Grand Theft Auto release. More emphasis on a dog companion in GTA 6 would enhance the overall experience if the creators give it more abilities and more interactions with some of the main characters. Here are some specific components that should be taken into consideration.

Improving the GTA 5 Dog Companion – Eliminate the iFruit App

A dog is standing outside and his doghouse is in the yard

There are certain elements of GTA 5 that should be ignored in GTA 6, and one of those elements is the iFruit app. The free app is designed for iOS and Android and connects directly to the game, allowing players to care for Chop and train him. While the concept is creative and allows Chop’s behavior to improve, it lacks the complexity of GTA 5. The iFruit app feels like a step backward. The next version of the game should allow players to train, care for, and develop their dog companion’s skills within GTA 6 itself for a better and more polished experience.

Improving the GTA 5 Dog Companion – Add Choice-Based Results

Chop, Trevor, Franklin, and Michael stand in a road

Those who have played GTA 5 to completion are familiar with the multiple endings available. Having three Grand Theft Auto 5 ending options to choose from makes the overall experience more dynamic for players. If GTA 6 develops a dog companion with interactions, perhaps players will see more choice-based results depending on how their pet is treated, or the type of food they are given. Maybe the future dog companion will need to make a choice between rescuing two characters. If canines are included in GTA 6, it only makes sense for them to have a greater impact on missions.

Improving the GTA 5 Dog Companion – Use the Canine Abilities

A dog is attacking a man while his owner holds onto his leash

Chop is a great sidekick in theory. He’s smart, loyal, stealthy, and obedient, but players do not have the opportunity to use any of his abilities. If GTA 6 includes a dog companion like Chop, there should be an option to switch to this character and fetch more than just a ball or a grenade. Maybe players will be able to train their dog to fetch an enemy’s weapon and deliver it to its master. Or maybe it will lure enemies into a trap. Whatever the creators decide, there are a lot of possibilities out there, and a dog companion could even possibly assist with heists in GTA 6.

Fans of the Grand Theft Auto franchise have a lot to look forward to while the next game is under development. Thankfully, the creators have been receptive to their audience, as seen in games such as Red Dead Redemption 2. As long as the immersive atmosphere and attention to detail are brought to GTA 6, there is no reason for the creators to disregard the many players wanting a proper dog companion. Hopefully, fans will see some dramatic improvements from Grand Theft Auto 5’s Chop, if they get their wish.

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