GTA Online Cayo Perico Update Will Open New Nightclub Under Diamond Casino

New music is finally dropping on radio stations in GTA Online, as well as an entire nightclub opening to give a floor to some amazing DJs.

Rockstar Games is bringing GTA Online players a new nightclub as part of the Cayo Perico update. The underground nightclub will literally be underground, as it is being built under The Diamond Casino and Resort where players are also free to spend some time trying to earn an extra buck or stick to what they know best and just rob the place in the Diamond Casino Heist.

Music is a very important part of the Grand Theft Auto universe. It has been cleverly used as a world-building device, making players feel like they are really in one of the cities from the franchise. Even outside of nightclubs, the music keeps coming at the player through car radios. In GTA V, there are 17 different radio stations to choose from, each with its own genre and host that matches the tone of the station. The music coming through the car radio as players drive through the city streets have been carefully curated to help set the tone of the city that the game is happening in, helping to achieve a more immersive and believable world. However, the radio stations almost weren’t a part of the game, and it was up to a small team to get Rockstar to see how important music can be in a game.

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Rockstar Games has now dived deep into the music of Grand Theft Auto, realizing how big a part it plays in the gaming experience. The underground nightclub opening for everyone soon will be called The Music Locker, with an emphasis on the music. Rockstar says that the club will have “stunning visuals and an impeccable sound system,” before announcing its “world class lineup.” In a tweet from Rockstar the opening of the club is announced and fans are told it will be set to the music of real-world Detroit musician Moodymann. In the future fans can look forward to music group Keinemusik filling the air of the underground club, and Palms Trax will be appearing in The Music Locker soon. Owners of a penthouse inside The Diamond will have access to a VIP section, but anyone is welcome to get onto the dance floor.

Rockstar has also announced that new radio stations will be coming soon, along with new DJs. New music will also be added to existing stations. This is exciting news, as this is the biggest musical update since GTA Online’s launch. Finally, players will be able to listen to some new songs and check out a new music scene with real-world artist contributing to it to make it feel that much more engaging. It does make fans wonder what the music will be like in GTA 6, if Rockstar has suddenly become so attentive of its music it leads to a question of how the setting of GTA 6 will affect the music so that it adds to the game as a world-building device.

Clearly Rockstar is starting to take full advantage of what music has to offer to the game. It is this attention to detail that makes games easier to escape into as it makes a reality of its own. GTA Online has definitely grown into a world that players can spend hours in, and this new place to hang out with some friends and listen to music won’t go unnoticed, and neither will an update to the radio after all these years.

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GTA Online is available on PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Source: Rockstar Games Newswire, Rockstar Games/Twitter

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