Did Giannina & Damian Break Up After Francesca Farago Incident?

Giannina Gibelli and Damian Powers from Love is Blind may still be dating. Or maybe they broke up. There is speculation on both sides.

Between the three couples who were together after Love Is Blind ended, only Giannina Gibelli and Damian Powers have left fans guessing as to whether they are still together today. They both seem to live independent lives, according to their social media. But does that mean they have officially called it quits?

When fans found out that Gigi and Damian had gotten back together in the time between filming and the show releasing on Netflix, it was shocking news. It’s not often that a man leaving a woman at the altar results in reconciliation; however, this was exactly the case with Gigi and Damian. The circumstances may have been different than if this had taken place in the real world. Contestants are encouraged to test their relationship out and announce their decision when it’s time to say “I do” (or “I don’t”) and Damian simply didn’t feel ready to commit to life together at that particular time. Given how volatile their relationship was on the show, it seemed unlikely they would make it work long term. They have managed to do just that. At least, that is what they have claimed in the past. Are they still together, or have they finally called it off for good?

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In late August, Damian was spotted with Too Hot To Handle cast member Francesca Farago, who had recently ended things with her showmance partner Harry Jowsey. Francesca was holding Damian’s arm in Los Angeles when paparazzi snapped a photo of them, only adding fire to the speculation that Gigi and Damian were over. Damian disputed these allegations, and the Love Is Blind couple helped lay the rumors to rest. Francesca would go on to spark dating speculation with others.

Francesca Farago In Rainbow Bathing Suit on Instagram

Meanwhile, Gigi and Damian have not posted pictures together on Instagram in more than two months. Damian’s last Instagram picture with Gigi was nine weeks ago, where he wrote, “So incredibly lucky and blessed to have grown with you over these past two years!” Gigi has shared 54 photos since her last post with Damian…12 weeks ago.

So it may be that Gigi and Damian like to have a social media presence independent of one another. Perhaps they like toying with fans, who want some insight as to where their status stands. Or, quite possibly, the news of Damian and Francesca did have an impact on their relationship and led to a rift that was never repaired. If that is the case and the Love Is Blind couple has broken up, they have done a masterful job of doing so at a time when people aren’t paying that much attention. The only thing worse than going through a breakup is going through a breakup in the public eye.

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