10 Things About Vampires That Still Don’t Make Sense

Vampires may be the titular creatures of The Vampire Diaries, but what about the show’s vampire mythology & lore just doesn’t make sense?

The magical world of The Vampire Diaries is chock full of different types of mythology regarding all manner of supernatural beings, but it shouldn’t surprise anyone to know that the mythology behind the vampire species is the most well developed and explained facet of supernatural lore in the entire series.

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However, despite being well established and developed, there are elements of vampirism in The Vampire Diaries that still seems a bit strange. Whether it’s odd because the show just didn’t explain it enough, or if it’s weird because it just defies logic, here are a few things about TVD‘s vampires that don’t make any sense.

10 Why Do They Kill People?

damon and stefan in Mystic Falls High School scene

This is more of a logical question than a mythological one, but the very fact that vampires even kill people seems a bit nonsensical.

They don’t have to do it in order to feed, and there is a much greater danger posed to them in terms of exposure or even possibly being hunted and killed by conspicuously murdering people. Heck, with compulsion and the healing powers of vampire blood, they can snack on anyone without even leaving any injury evidence behind.

9 Why Does Alcohol Dampen Their Hunger?

Damon Salvatore in The Vampire Diaries

Honestly, most of the vampire characters on The Vampire Diaries seem to be borderline alcoholics, but some of the characters occasionally mention that drinking alcohol can reduce the cravings for blood. But why exactly is that?

It’s not like there are any similarities between the properties of blood and the properties of booze, and if alcohol has the same effect on vampires as it does on humans then it should lower inhibitions like food intake, not heighten them.

8 Why Does Age Make Them More Powerful?

Rebekah The Originals

The Vampire Diaries is pretty clear on the fact that the older a vampire is, the stronger they’ll be physically. But, the show never actually elaborates on that or explains why that is.

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If vampirism is a supernatural transition that freezes someone in time, then why wouldn’t their strength just stay the same? Do they get stronger as they consume more blood? Do they absorb more magic or something? It’s a mystery.

7 Why Do Humans Know About Them?

Although it is relatively rare to find a regular human being who is aware of vampires and the supernatural world, Mystic Falls is rife with human families who have known about vampires for centuries.

And yes, vervain prevents compulsion, but given that vampires can control minds and are strong enough to subdue any human, why is it that humans are even aware of their existence in the first place?

6 Rippers

Paul Wesley as Stefan Salvatore The Vampire Diaries

The mythology behind the ripper subgroup of vampires is still kind of difficult to figure out or understand. Stefan is obviously the most notorious ripper in the series, and his ferocity when it comes to drinking human blood is explained through his doppelganger link to Silas.

However, what is the explanation for the other ripper vampires in the world? Is this a literal uncontrollable impulse for them too, and if so, why do they have it?

5 Sire Bonds

Sire bonds are yet another example of vampire mythology that is pretty murky. The basic idea is that people who have feelings for the vampire that sired them before they turn will have a slavish devotion to their sire once the transition is complete, but what are the limits of sire bonding?

More specifically, what is the line of emotional intensity that needs to be crossed in order for a sire bond to occur, and do some vampires like Damon develop them more easily than others?

4 That Vampirism Can Accelerate Cancer

For the vast majority of the series, vampire blood or transitioning into a vampire was shown to be a cure-all for whatever ails someone, with one very notable and strange exception. When Liz Forbes develops cancer, Caroline unsurprisingly tries to use vampire solutions to human problems.

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But, for whatever reason, vampire blood or transitioning into a vampire seems to make cancer worse and even more deadly, which doesn’t make sense given that cancer shouldn’t even grow in a dead person.

3 That Vampires Can Carry Children

The Vampire Diaries Caroline Pregnant

Frankly, it’s obvious that Caroline’s pregnancy saga was written into the show in order to explain away actress Candice King’s real life baby bump, but the idea that two fetuses could be magically transplanted into a dead body and survive unscathed is bizarre.

Not only was the choice to put Lizzie and Josie into Caroline’s body strange, but how a reanimated corpse would have sustained two living human babies is still a mystery.

2 Why Can’t They Be Made Immune To Everything?

Most modern vampire lore includes a particular caveat that vampires can’t walk into sunlight without being hurt or possibly bursting into flames, and The Vampire Diaries found an easy solution to that.

Enchanted jewelry is what allows most of the vampire characters to freely walk in the sunlight, but that begs the question, why didn’t they just come up with magical protections for literally everything that could harm them?

1 The Humanity Switch

The whole concept behind the humanity switch is kind of an odd one, and it’s clearly more of a plot device than a logical piece of mythology.

But if the idea behind switching humanity off means isolating a vampire from their human emotions, then why are so many humanity-switched-off vampires such jerks? Petty vengeance and anger are pretty clear human emotions that many of these characters shouldn’t be having.

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