Yvonne Strahovski’s 10 Best Movie & TV Roles, According To IMDb

Yvonne Strahovski is one of those actors who has mostly made her name in various TV shows. Her most memorable and iconic roles have come on the small screen, where she’s always among the scene stealers in whatever series she’s part of. She has even earned a Primetime Emmy nomination for her efforts.

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Although her work in movies has been less pronounced, Strahovski has a handful of those that stand out throughout her filmography. From dramas to action movies to voice acting, the talented lady has dabbled in a little bit of everything during her career. Of course, some roles were better than others.

10 Manhattan Night (6.2)

Yvonne Strahovski in Manhattan Night

For the most part, Yvonne Strahovski’s career in movies has seen her appear in smaller independent films. That was the case with this 2016 release, Manhattan Night, where she starred alongside Adrien Brody. The crime mystery is based on a 1996 novel called Manhattan Nocturne.

The film follows a reporter (Brody) who gets caught up with a suspicious woman (Strahovski) while investigating the death of her husband. Brody was also part of the team who produced the film. It ultimately got mixed reviews, though the acting was typically praised.

9 Angel Of Mine (6.4)

Yvonne Strahovski in Angel of Mine

It’s the most recent film on this list and its one that boasts a talented trio of actors to lead it. Those three being Noomi Rapace, Yvonne Strahovski, and Luke Evans. A remake of a 2008 French film called Mark of an Angel, 2019’s Angel of Mine premiered at the Melbourne International Film Festival.

It tells the twisted story of a woman (Rapace) who loses her newborn baby in a hospital fire. Seven years later, she sees a kid at a birthday party who she believes to be that baby and befriends her parents (the mother is played by Strahovski), though it starts to drive her mad.

8 Killer Elite (6.4)

Yvonne Strahovski and Jason Statham in Killer Elite

Considering her long history of playing one of the toughest female characters on television, it was only fitting that Yvonne Strahovski found herself in a high-octane action flick. In 2011, it seemed that was the case when she took a role in Killer Elite.

Unfortunately, her character (Anne Frazier) was more of a love interest and a damsel in distress than someone who was going to kick some butt. Based on a 1991 novel called The Feather Men, this movie follows a killer for hire sent to take out former SAS members. Jason Statham, Clive Owen, and Robert De Niro starred.

7 Batman: Bad Blood (6.8)

The DC Animated Movie Universe is one that features over a dozen releases, typically coming straight to home video. In 2016, a sequel to the previous year’s Batman vs. Robin arrived in the form of Batman: Bad Blood. A lot of the ideas in it were derived from the Leviathan comic arc.

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Batman goes missing, so Robin and Nightwing take up the role of protecting Gotham City. Meanwhile, Kate Kane/Batwoman (Strahovski) shows up to help investigate the disappearance of Bruce Wayne. While it was met with solid reviews, Strahovski hasn’t returned to voice the character again.

6 The Astronaut Wives Club (7.3)

The Astronaut Wives Club

A few years after her biggest role (at the time) ended, Yvonne Strahovski was looking to get back into the world of television. In 2015, she landed a key role on The Astronaut Wives Club, a series focusing on the spouses of the Mercury Seven, which was America’s first group of astronauts.

Along with Strahovski as Rene Carpenter, the series starred JoAnna Garcia Swisher, Odette Annable, and Dominique McElligott. While reviews were solid, the ratings weren’t and it only lasted one season. However, the show’s developer explained that the story had been completed as if it were a miniseries.

5 Stateless (7.5)

Strahovski is originally from Australia and in early 2020, a series starring her launched that centered around the continent. Stateless premiered on ABC in March and became available to stream on Netflix later in the year. The miniseries spanned six episodes.

Stateless is partially based on the true tale of Cornelia Rau, an airline hostess who escapes a cult and is unlawfully detained as part of Australia’s mandatory detention program. The series focuses on several lives that are intertwined while at the center, with Strahovski as the lead.

4 Chuck (8.2)

Sarah Walker

It’s the role that ultimately made Strahovski into a star. Beginning in 2007 and lasting until 2012, she portrayed CIA Officer Sarah Walker on Chuck. The show centers on an unmotivated nerd who gets government secrets downloaded into his brain and must be protected.

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Although Chuck didn’t have a large following, they were loyal and voiced their opinions often to get the show to last 91 episodes. Strahovski played one of TV’s better strong female characters and had remarkable romantic chemistry with Zachary Levi, who was the series lead.

3 24: Live Another Day (8.4)

Yvonne Strahovski in 24: Live Another Day

Way back in 2001, a new innovative series debuted on the Fox network. 24 utilized a real-time concept for its episodes, with each covering a single hour in a day (24 episodes per season) in the life of a counter-terrorist agent named Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland).

The original series run ended in 2010 but it was revived in 2014 for a miniseries called 24: Live Another Day. For this 12-episode run, Strahovski joined the cast as Kate Morgan, an agent with CIA London. It was exactly the kind of character she was used to playing.

2 The Handmaid’s Tale (8.5)

The Handmaids Tale Serena Joy

It is widely considered one of the best television shows currently running. Streaming on Hulu since 2017, The Handmaid’s Tale is set in a dystopian future where fertile women known as “Handmaids” are subjected to child-bearing slavery and aren’t viewed as equals to men.

The series has already won the Emmy for Outstanding Drama Series, as well as the Golden Globe in the same category. The performances have also been heralded, with Elisabeth Moss earning a Best Actress nod. Strahovski, who portrays Serena Joy Waterford, was nominated for both an Emmy and a Golden Globe.

1 Dexter (8.6)

Hannah McKay

Dexter premiered in 2006 and ended after eight seasons in 2013 as Showtime’s most-watched series by the time it wrapped up. The series follows the life of Dexter Morgan, a serial killer vigilante working for the Miami police who only targets other murderers.

There were ups and downs on Dexter by the time the seventh season arrived. It was then that Strahovski made her debut as Hannah McKay. She was set to be a killer that Dexter murdered but he changed his mind and the two became romantically linked. She returned for the final season and took home a Saturn Award for her performance.

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