Wonder Woman 1984 New Image Of Pedro Pascal’s Villain, Max Lord

The DC panel at CCXP saw many reveals, including a new image of key comic book character Max Lord, to be played by Pedro Pascal in Wonder Woman 1984.

Set to feature as the businessman in Wonder Woman 1984, Pedro Pascal’s Maxwell Lord has had a new image reveal. Alongside Kristen Wiig’s Barbara Minerva/Cheetah, Lord is positioned as one of the primary antagonists in the film, symbolizing 1980s excess. He’s essentially a con-man, promising people he can give them anything they dream of or desire (which is a very tempting offer for Barbara). Many viewers are excited to see Pascal’s performance as the villain, which was partially inspired by Nicolas Cage.

The character of Max Lord was introduced to DC Comics in Justice League #1, just three years after the upcoming Wonder Woman film is set. Originally set up as an archetypal tycoon of the decade, Lord went on to become not only a super villain, but the secret puppet master at the heart of the universe. From killing former team mate Blue Beetle to controlling Superman’s mind to cause death and destruction, the character has been a major part of the DC universe for sometime. Despite live action television appearances in Smallville and Supergirl, Pascal will be the first to bring the meddling villain to the big screen, in a depiction that seems to lean more to the sleazy businessman side of the character.

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In a tweet by Warner Bros. Pictures Brazil, a new photo of Max Lord shows Pedro Pascal donned in an 80’s business suit, at home in a gold furnished office. The image was originally revealed during WB’s CCXP panel over the weekend, where a new Wonder Woman 1984 trailer also premiered. Check out the photo below:

Max Lord’s comic book infamy was also a great source of pain for Wonder Woman specifically, making his foreboding presence in Wonder Woman 1984 even more fitting. While his exact motivations are unknown, in the comics, the result of his mind control over Superman caused Wonder Woman to take Lord’s life, which was a traumatic experience for the superhero. While it’s doubtful something as drastic as that will happening in the upcoming film considering the cosmic entities that are yet to be covered in the DCEU to facilitate it, his limited appearance in promotional material makes his character all the more mysterious. Pascal undoubtedly looks the part, and his inclusion in one of the biggest cinematic universes right now couldn’t be more fitting, as he’s constantly impressing every week in Disney’s The Mandalorian. What will be interesting is to see how he approaches Lord, and hopefully find that balance between sleazy tycoon and cunning puppet master.

Recent early reactions to Wonder Woman 1984 have proven positive, a promising signal that Pascal will indeed fit the part of Max Lord very well. The film is already a great source of debate regarding its release, which has recently been confirmed to be on streaming service HBO Max as well as theaters in a response to the COVID pandemic. The heightening anticipation for the film only serves to fuel the intrigue of Pascal’s Max Lord, and images like one the one just reveled indicate it will be worth the wait.

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Source: Warner Bros. Pictures Brazil

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