Where To Follow Season 8 Couples On Instagram

90 Day Fiancé’s season 8 starts this week on TLC. From Rebecca and Zied to Yara and Jovi, here’s where to follow all the cast on Instagram.

Now that the OG 90 Day Fiancé is back with a brand new season, fans can’t wait to meet the new couples. Saying goodbye to 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way might be tough for many, but hey – season eight will hit refresh on the drama…and the disasters, too. With three old and four new pairs making their reality TV debut, there are so many more Instagram insults to look forward to! Here’s how fans can keep up with the 90 Day Fiancé season 8 couples on Instagram.

Fans were in for a treat when TLC dropped a surprise trailer for 90 Day Fiancé season 8, announcing the mothership’s return. Giving the viewers new stories of long-distance lovers trying out their luck with a K-1 visa, the reality show already packed a punch in the trailer. There are the older stars who now sport new looks, like fan-favorite Zied Hakimi, and ones who have a new lease at life, like Filipina Hazel, who came out as bisexual. Then, there is the fiery Natalie, who finally, after receiving her 90-day ticket, hopes to walk down the aisle with alien-believer Mike. Interestingly, some 90 Day Fiancé stars are not sticklers for TLC’s social media ban. Instagram often turns into a gift that keeps on giving when it comes to reality stars. With 90 Day Fiancé cast-members, one can expect a lot of tea to be spilled!

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Brandon, 27 (Dinwiddie, VA) & Julia, 26 (Russia)

Brandon and Julia In 90 Day Fiance

This couple has backgrounds as different as chalk and cheese. Brandon works and lives on his parents’ farm while Julia is a city girl working as a go-go dancer. Dealing with Brandon’s conservative parents might take a toll on their love, but will Julia leave her glam career behind to get her hands dirty with some soil? Maybe 90 Day Fiancé fans can get a sneak peek through Brandon and Julia’s IG feeds.

Mike, 35 (Sequim, WA) & Natalie, 35 (Ukraine)

Mike and Natalie In 90 Day Fiance

One of the rare 90 Day Fiancé couples who met not through a right swipe, but through mutual buddies, Mike and Natalie had a rocky relationship in their season seven run. But as the trailer suggests, Natalie finally has her K-1 visa, but only 20 days left to make a move. Will the episodes show Natalie race against time to see the “monster” Mike at the altar? There could be some clues about their relationship status on Natalie’s Instagram.

Jovi, 29 (New Orleans, LA) & Yara, 25 (Ukraine)

Jovi and Yara In 90 day Fiance

TLC viewers are already calling Jovi and Yara the Jorge and Anfisa Nava of season 8. The globetrotters met via a travel app and went on a journey to explore the world and their love before becoming pregnant. But with a recent miscarriage and Yara’s disapproval of Jovi’s drinking problems, is she still with her 90 Day Fiancé in America? Follow Yara and Jovi on IG for the deets.

Stephanie, 52 (Grand Rapids, MI) & Ryan, 27 (Belize)

Stephanie and Ryan In 90 Day Fiance

Stepping into the shoes of 90 Day Fiancé’s iconic Angela Deem, Laura Jalali, and BabyGirl Lisa is the sugar mama of the season, Stephanie. As she prepares to get her Belize boyfriend to America, will Stephanie make the viewers overlook her their gaping age gap with her genuine love? Maybe Stephanie being a Taylor Swift fan on Instagram might give her a better “reputation.”

Andrew, 32 (Roseville, CA) & Amira, 28 (France)

Andrew and Amira In 90 Day Fiance

Daycare specialist Andrew overlooked Amira’s messages in his long list on a dating app until he finally decided to reply, sparking their 90 Day Fiancé romance. But it looks like Amira develops cold feet after their Las Vegas proposal, as the trailer shows her delaying her K-1 visa visit. Does Amira or Andrew’s Insta show if they’re still together?

Tarik, 46 (Virginia Beach, VA) & Hazel, 28 (Philippines)

Tarik and Hazel In 90 Day Fiance

Although their last stint on 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days season two showed Tarik take a trip to Hazel’s hometown, she’s all set to start her new life in Virginia with Tarik and her son while also hunting for a girlfriend! Will Hazel’s sexuality prove to be a problem, given their complicated past? While Hazel‘s IG is subdued, Tarik’s does tell-all.

Rebecca, 49 (Woodstock, GA) & Zied, 27 (Tunisia)

Zied Hakimi and Rebecca Parrot In 90 Day Fiance

Coming to the stars of 90 Day Fiancé season 8, Rebecca prepared to tie the knot with husband #4 Zied while trying her best to ignore the red flags. Does Zied, with his slimmed down, stylish look, have a chance at leaving her for other women like her Morrocan ex did right after getting his K-1 visa? Rumors and both Rebecca and Zied’s IG accounts hint at a happily ever after!

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90 Day Fiancé airs Mondays at 8 pm ET on TLC.

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