The Most Demanded MCU Hero Just Lost Their Powers

A mad and vengeful Donald Blake has been freed from his prison in ‘Thor,’ and he just depowered a hero many fans were hoping to see in the MCU.

Warning: spoilers ahead for Thor #10!

In the latest issue of Marvel Comics’ Thor, the God of Thunder has been trapped in a paradise-turned-prison meant for his autonomous alter ego Donald Blake. After years of being trapped in the false paradise created by Odin, Dr. Donald Blake is finally free. However, he’s gone insane, seeking revenge on Odin, Thor, and anyone else that Odin bequeathed with Thor-like power. This includes Beta Ray Bill, the Korbinite alien warrior whom Odin bestowed with Thor’s powers along with his own hammer (the original Stormbreaker.) Beta Bill Ray has long been a Marvel hero that fans have wanted to see in the MCU, but things aren’t looking so good for Bill when he comes face to face with Blake.

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While Thor has recently become the new king of Asgard, he hasn’t had much time to actually sit on his throne. Between joining and then killing Galactus, confronting the Black Winter, and investigating problems with his hammer Mjolnir, Thor needed to take a break. Feeling nostalgic, Thor decided to switch with his alter ego Dr. Donald Blake, a human persona he hadn’t used for years. Unlike the typical secret identity, Blake lives on his own apart from Thor, existing in a paradise realm created by Odin when Thor doesn’t have need of him. However, what Thor didn’t know was that when he took the throne from Odin, the borders of this realm weakened, causing Blake to learn what he truly was: a discarded creation of Odin trapped in a gilded prison, which drove him to madness.

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Now, Thor’s desire for an innocent vacation leads to him being trapped while Donald is free to enact his plans for revenge on Asgard. While he scans the kingdom’s armories for the perfect weapons to use in his imminent killing spree, he’s met by Lady Sif, Volstagg, and Beta Ray Bill, Thor’s new Master of War. As they duel, Blake delivers a crushing beatdown to Bill, who is still recovering from his recent fight with Thor. However, the end of this brawl is far worse, as Blake tears away all of Bill’s powers granted to him through the Odin Force.

Beta Ray Bill Loses Powers

Not only has Beta Ray Bill lost his powers, but Blake reveals that he’s taken them for himself, combining them with his own power, which he unlocked after discovering he was also a product of the Odin Force. Defeating Bill also confirms that Blake’s vendetta is against any and all Thors. Now, he’s headed to find Jane Foster, Thor’s former love, who was also the Mighty Thor for a time when the Son of Odin was unworthy to wield Mjolnir.

Hopefully, Beta Ray Bill will be able to regain his powers in future issues of Thor from writer Donny Cates and artist Nic Klein. He truly is a cool character and epic warrior within the Marvel Universe, and it would be amazing to see him featured alongside the God of Thunder in the MCU one day. Technically, Bill was referenced in Thor: Ragnarok with a carved head bearing his likeness, but not in a way which precludes his appearance in Thor: Love and Thunder. Fans will have to keep their fingers crossed, both for his appearance in the movies and that Beta Ray Bill can reclaim his powers as Thor continues.

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