Sarah Simmons Reveals How She First Met Michael

Sarah Simmons of Life After Lockup gave ScreenRant the backstory on how she first met and fell in love with her estranged ex-husband Michael.

Sarah and Michael Simmons have had one of the more tumultuous relationships on Life After Lockup. For fans wondering exactly how the former couple met and fell in love, Sarah spoke exclusively with ScreenRant and gave us the breakdown.

WeTV fans have gotten a firsthand account of Sarah and Michael’s messy breakup after birthing two daughters together. After getting their start on season two of Love After Lockup, viewers watched as Sarah learned of her place in Michael’s secret love triangle. The two got married during Michael’s three-year prison bid. But upon his release, he already had a secret romance with another woman named Megan. Sarah quickly learned that Michael was not the same man she fell in love with prior to his incarceration. Before he went to prison, the former couple already had one daughter together, Aviahna. Upon his release, the two quickly conceived their second daughter, Giahna. However, after Sarah watched as Michael continued to pursue relationships with other women, she opted to move on. Since their breakup, Michael has relocated to Miami while Sarah remains in New York with their girls. The tension is thick as Michael attempts to spend time with his daughters despite how often he isn’t there. Upon Michael’s release from prison, he was sent to live with his mother in Michigan. Meanwhile, fans have always seen Sarah and the girls living in New York. Many have wondered exactly how the former couple met and fell in love despite living in separate cities.

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Sarah recently spoke exclusively with ScreenRant and shared the backstory of their relationship. She shared how at the age of 17 or 18, she decided to leave New York and live with her father in Atlanta. At the same time, Michael also left his mother and siblings in Michigan and went to live with his father in Atlanta. The two teens eventually met through a mutual friend. “He was actually a boyfriend at the time, who was best friends with Michael,” Sarah shared. “Michael and I became best friends and eventually got romantic; fell in love.”

“When he got arrested, he was extradited back to Michigan because he was currently on parole from Michigan,” she recalled. “That’s when I decided, because I was pregnant with Aviahna and having a child, that I had to go back to New York for support. That’s how he ended up in Michigan and how I ended up back in New York.” She shared how “inseparable” they were at the time of his imprisonment. “I mean, we were literally best friends. And I was young, yes, but I was extremely in love with this guy. So, when we had a child, he had already proposed to me, we were engaged, and our relationship was serious.”

The reality star went on to share how “devastating” it was to see him go to jail because they were living together at the time. “I’m having a child and have to raise her on my own, you’re in prison for all these years. But there was no doubt in my mind that I was going to hold him down. I was going to hold him down, and I was doing what I had to do to create a better life for him when he got out and really help him succeed the best way I could.” Unfortunately, as WeTV fans know, Michael had other plans, and the fate of their relationship would end very shortly after his release.

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