Michael Scott’s 10 Best Alter Egos, Ranked

The Office is full of dozens of hilarious and unique characters, whether it’s Dwight attempting to become the office’s dictator or Kevin being compared to the Cookie Monster. The show’s secondary characters are the reason why the show has such a huge following.

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However, The Office’s leading man, Michael Scott, is a thousand characters in one. Being an amateur actor, Michael uses the office as a platform to workshop and experiment with his often offensive performances at the expense of other cultures. But there are a ton that have become iconic and stand as the greatest scenes in the whole of the show’s 200+ episodes.

10 Blind Guy McSqueezy

Blind Guy McSqueezy In The Office

With a strange superhero type origin story, McSqueezy fell into a vat of acid, eyes first, which caused his blindness. It’s typical Michael, as it combines his unique comedy with his unethical managerial habits, as he essentially made the character to grab women’s breasts.

The peak of the intro comes when Michael, in character as Blind Guy McSqueezy, looks straight into the camera to deliver the line, “because I’m blind.”

9 Michael The Magic

Michael The Magic in The Office

Being a fan of magic, Michael has always seen himself as somewhat of a magician himself, and he never came as close to becoming a real-life magician as he did in “Cocktails.”

In the cold open, Michael The Magic walks into the office in a straight jacket, explaining that he is able to free himself. Though he hid the key to unlock himself in his mouth, he drops it and is unable to find it, leaving him struggling to break out of the jacket for god-knows how long.

8 Santa Bond

The Office

Michael creates the character of Santa Bond in an attempt to look cool and sexy in front of Holly Fax, only it ended up leaving people perturbed and confused. He wears a red flat cap with a white bobble on the end of it and a smoking jacket.

There’s no long white beard, glasses, or fat suit, and this Santa seemingly likes lounge music. But best of all, he likes his egg nog shaken, not stirred.

7 Michael Klump

The Office

After every branch of Dunder Mifflin take part in a weight loss contest, several of the members of the Scranton branch take it too far by going to extreme measures to lose weight.

This is when Michael turns up to a meeting on bad weight-loss habits in a fat suit, imitating Eddie Murphy’s roles in The Nutty Professor. Though Michael calls the character a “celebration of fat people,” it’s one of the most politically incorrect things that happened.

6 Caleb Crawdad

In one of the times that Michael was actually a good person, when the employees are worried about the future of the company and losing their jobs, the boss tries to distract them with a murder mystery game, in which each player plays a southern character from the game.

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It brings out the best in everyone, especially Michael, who, in the character of Caleb Crawdad, reveals himself to be a double agent and is left in a stand-off with Dwight, Andy, and even Pam.

5 Michael Wonka

Steve Carell

When Michael comes up with an idea to plant five golden tickets in paper shipments to five of Dunder Mifflin’s clients, what better excuse is there to dress up as Willy Wonka.

Michael puts on a ridiculous accent, demands people call him Willy Wonka, and dances around the warehouse. However, the result of the golden ticket idea led to a lot of backlash in the show, which is why it’s one of the most underrated episodes.

4 Mykonos

Mykonos In The Office

When Andy tries to make sales by hosting a business seminar, he uses Michael and Holly as plants, in which they will humor everything Andy says and help encourage attendees to sign up.

Of course, Michael used this opportunity as an excuse to workshop one of his characters, the Greek native, Mykonos. The character has gelled back hair, a deep throaty voice, and is, as Michael puts it, “all about the ladies.”

3 Michael Scarn

Michael Scarn is the alter ego who has appeared the most throughout the series, mostly because the character is the basis of a screenplay that Michael had been writing for years. Like Santa Bond, Scarn is another play on James Bond, as the character is a womanizing secret agent, trying to track down Golden Face.

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It all culminated in the movie he shot and edited together, Threat Level Midnight, which features the entire office playing characters in the movie. It’s one of the best episodes of the later seasons and has so many classic moments.

2 Date Mike

Date Mike In The Office

Michael and Pam’s friend Julie were actually getting along well, but once Michael realized it was a date that he was on, he completely changed into a jerk. After running to collect something from his car, Michael returned in a Kangol cap worn backwards and started climbing on pool tables.

Even though it didn’t end well with Julie, he did manage to seduce the owner of the bar, even if she was one of Michael’s worst love interests.

1 Prison Mike

When it’s revealed that one of the new employees had been in prison and that employee starts talking about how much better prison is to working at Dunder Mifflin, Michael creates Prison Mike to explain how awful jail really is.

Prison Mike, who was imprisoned for kidnapping the president’s son and holding him for ransom, has become one of the most viewed scenes on YouTube. The best part comes when Prison Mike explains that the worst part about prison is The Dementors.

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