How The Show Helped The Coaches Boost Their Music Careers

The Voice is a huge hit for NBC, and it has also propelled the coaches’ music careers to new heights. Find out how the show has helped these popstars.

The Voice has been a huge hit for NBC, and it has also propelled the coaches’ music careers to new heights. There’s a good reason why so many A-list popstars have chosen to sit on one of the show’s red rotating chairs. For one, there are several reports that the coaches get paid very well per season. Because NBC airs two seasons of The Voice per year, this is also a very stable TV gig for musicians to promote themselves and make some money while they’re not releasing new music or touring. And then there’s all the exposure that they get on the show, which opens even more doors.

All things considered, it is not shocking that The Voice coaches Blake Shelton and Adam Levine stayed for so long in the series. Blake Shelton has been featured on every single season of the show, and Adam Levine only left as recently as season 16. Kelly Clarkson joined the show on season 14 and has stayed on it ever since, and John Legend has shown no signs that he wants to leave the franchise since he joined on season 16. Over the years, The Voice has helped these coaches boost their careers significantly, even the ones who were already huge stars for many years.

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The first season of The Voice premiered in April 2011 on NBC. Blake Shelton had already released five albums at that point, but he’s first #1 album on Billboard was 2011’s Red River Blue, which was released a few weeks after the season 1 finale. Over the years, Blake has had several hit songs and albums, many of which were boosted by his charismatic personality on the show. Before the show, a few people vaguely knew of Adam Levine as the frontman of Maroon 5, but it was The Voice that turned him into an international heartthrob with a name that could stand on its own. On season 1, The Voice coaches Adam Levine and Christina Aguilera collaborated on a brand-new single called “Moves Like Jagger,” which was performed for the first time ever on the show. The song went #1 on Billboard and boosted the band’s popularity for years to come.

Coaches like Christina Aguilera, Gwen Stefani, Miley Cyrus, Kelly Clarkson, and Shakira were all very famous before joining The Voice, but the show helped them develop their personalities with the public a little further. For instance, the show was important to dispel the rumors that Christina had a high-maintenance diva attitude. For Gwen and Shakira, The Voice helped to introduce them to a younger generation that might not be familiar with their earlier hits. With Miley, it was smart for her to show her to remind people that she wasn’t the tongue-out rockstar she had incarnated for the infamous Bangerz album. And when it comes to Kelly, well, people loved seeing her coaching on The Voice so much that she landed her own daytime talk show, The Kelly Clarkson Show.

There’s no denying that The Voice has been a great platform for the coaches who were featured on it. The show still has a bit of catching up to do when it comes to turning talented contestants into successful singers, but the competition does reach a huge audience.

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