Every Main Character, Ranked By Intelligence

From Emily herself to her colleagues and love interests, who has the most intelligence, in terms of emotions, brains, and street smarts?

Emily in Paris was undeniably a hit upon its launch on Netflix. The Darren Star created series featured plenty of memorable characters; some were well-received, and others, not so much. However, the characters are only human, and are bound to make mistakes and possess certain flaws. Some of these flaws are truly telling of the character’s intelligence, emotional or otherwise.

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The actions and opinions of the characters help outline flaws in their intelligence. Some characters, like Luc, managed to redeem themselves, but other characters, like Sylvie, stayed true to who they were throughout the series.

10 Least Intelligent: Sylvie

Emily’s boss is one tough cookie. She never really gave Emily the chance she deserved, having judged her from even before they met. Sylvie ranks low in intelligence because she wasn’t open to new ideas. She thought only about what was best for herself, instead of what was best for her company. She also lashes out too often at Emily, and she’s hypocritical, given she feels threatened by Antoine’s interest in Emily, when Sylvie herself is already the “other woman” as Antoine is married.

9 Antoine

emily in paris antoine lambert

Antoine may be a good businessman, but his love life is quite a mess. He’s married, but carries on an affair with Sylvie, and even begins showing interest in Emily. Antoine has a big ego, both where it concerns his company and his love life, and that will likely get the best of him eventually. He doesn’t seem to have much respect for the women in his life, and he inappropriately gifts Emily lingerie, without taking into account how she would perceive the gift, given she’s from a different country and culture. His ego overrides his intelligence in that regard.

8 Gabriel

gabriel kissing emily in emily in paris

Gabriel may be savvy when it comes to cooking and helping Emily navigate life in France, but when it comes to the treatment of others and honesty itself, Gabriel isn’t the most intelligent character on the series.

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He isn’t honest with Emily regarding the fact that he’s already with Camille, and he doesn’t tell Camille the truth, either. These actions make him appear to have a lack of respect for honesty and far from a reliable significant other, making his intelligence diminish as a result.

7 Pierre

emily in paris Pierre Cadault

Pierre is immensely talented and creative, but he has several downfalls, mainly in regards to his emotions, which run wild and all over the place. He judges Emily for her fashion without really knowing her, he lets a publicity stunt get to him and nearly ruin him, and he’s a little too obsessed with perfectionism, especially where it concerns his work. After being in the business for so many years, Pierre should have a little more confidence and a little more control over his emotions to not let anyone or anything get to him as much as it did on the show.

6 Emily

Emily In Paris Effiel Tower Blouse

Emily arrived in Paris with the wrong mindset. Yes, she intended to do her job and to do it well, both good things, but her approach was way off. She didn’t know or respect the French culture and thought she could basically Americanize the company without taking into account the company’s French history. She didn’t have much time to prepare, but she could’ve been more open-minded. She acts more like a tourist, never exactly taking the time to understand or respect the French culture. Plus, she fails to be honest with Camille about Gabriel. None of these things make Emily look very intelligent.

5 Julien

emily in paris julien

Julien is always and forever unapologetically himself, so he gets points on the emotional intelligence scale for that. Anyone that meets him knows right away what he’s all about and what his opinion is of them. Julien loves fashion and doesn’t have time for chitchat.

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His one downfall is that he’s a little too judgmental at times of those around him, especially Emily. No one is perfect, and Julien’s seemingly lack of acceptance of that portrays him as a less than empathetic human being.

4 Luc

Emily in Paris Luc and Julien

Luc is the quirkiest character on the show, but he’s lovable nonetheless. Luc initially appears to succumb to peer pressure and joins in, especially with Julien, in regards to ganging up on and teasing Emily relentlessly. However, Luc later apologizes and treats Emily much more kindly. Still, the fact that he got caught up in peer pressure makes him appear a little too desperate to remain in good standing with his colleagues, though he redeemed himself by coming clean with Emily, which helps his intelligence ranking.

3 Mathieu

Mathieu was very different from the other male characters on the show, especially in his approach to Emily. He gave her space and was respectful. He’s also a very good businessman, the complete opposite of his impulsive uncle, Pierre. Mathieu looks out for his uncle’s company and ensures he makes the right decisions, approaching them logically and thoughtfully. His professionalism and respect earn him a high ranking on the intelligence scale.

2 Camille

Camille is obviously street smart, demonstrated when she spares Emily from a rude flower salesman. She’s also very well-connected in the Parisian community, which comes in handy for Emily. Camille’s one flaw, however, is likely the fact that she’s simply too trusting and naïve.

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She fails to see past the fact that Emily is not being up front with her, and she’s completely oblivious to Emily’s and Gabriel’s developing romance, even when they flirt right in front of her as she’s driving them to her family’s estate. It makes Camille look pretty gullible and blind to what’s right before her eyes as a result.

1 Mindy


Mindy is intelligent in all kinds of ways. She’s understanding and sympathetic to Emily’s being new in Paris, and does what she can to help Emily get acclimated. She constantly refuses her wealthy family’s bribes to return home and live the life they want for her; she chooses to stay in Paris and live the life she desires instead, maintaining her boundaries with them. She’s also a good nanny and definitely savvy when it comes to fashion.

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