Edward Scissorhands And 9 Other Movies That Turn 30 In 2020

There are so few original movies released in this time and age, but, 30 years ago, filmmakers’ imaginations were running wild with creative and bizarre ideas. It seemed like no idea was too absurd to be greenlit, and that’s why it was such an incredible time to be a film fanatic.

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However, there were some noteworthy sequels too, and some of them were just as outlandish and left field as the original movies. Surprisingly enough, many of the movies, both sequels and original, weren’t successful upon release but have found a huge cult following in the time since, which makes these movies some of the most notable of 1990.

10 Edward Scissorhands

Off the heels of Batman, which was released the year before, Tim Burton returned to his quirky off-kilter and gothic original screenplays, and Edward Scissorhands is one of his best.

The movie marked the very first collaboration with Johnny Depp, and the two of them enjoyed a long working relationship that resulted in a ton of classic movies. Though the movie would look a lot different if it was remade today, the 30-year-old film is a classic, and it catapulted a lot of actors’ careers.

9 Goodfellas

Henry, Jimmy, and Tommy in Goodfellas

Being one of the greatest movies of all time and arguably Scorsese’s best movie, the fast-paced, fast-talking gangster flick approached the genre unlike any other. Goodfellas has become embedded in pop culture, and, as it now turns 30, it remains the movie that every other gangster flick will forever be compared to.

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The movie’s critical success was also helped by the fact that it was released around the same time as The Godfather Part III, an incredibly inferior gangster movie to which Goodfellas served as somewhat of a pallet cleanser.

8 Troll 2

A goblin in Troll 2

It’s hard to believe that Troll 2 is now 30 years old, as the schlocky B-movie has only been popular for the past 13 years or so. The movie was a box office failure, and it’s highly regarded as one of the worst movies ever made.

It was even the subject of the 2007 documentary Best Worst Movie, which led to some crazy behind the scenes facts, but the documentary reinvigorated fans and introduced hundreds of thousands of viewers to the now cult classic.

7 Home Alone

Goodfellas isn’t the only movie of 1990 in which Joe Pesci plays an angry and hostile criminal. Being one of the best classic Christmas movies ever made, Home Alone is possibly the most Christmas looking movie, as every single frame is filled with red and green colors and very little else. It was one of the highest-grossing movies of 1990 and even spawned a whole bunch of sequels, the first sequel of which is arguably even better than the original.

6 Back To The Future Part III

Wrapping up the trilogy, Back To The Future Part III sees Marty and Doc travel all the way back to the Wild West. The third movie is a nail biter and has higher stakes than any other in the series, and that’s one of the reasons why it’s arguably the best one. However, though the movie was the epic climax of the series, it considerably underperformed at the box office when it was released in 1990, making almost $100 million less than Part II.

5 Die Hard 2

Bruce Willis as McClane in Die Hard 2

Die Hard 2 was one of the most promising upcoming sequels in 1990, as it was following one of the biggest action movies of the 1980s and turned Bruce Willis into a bonafide action hero.

Though Die Hard 2 is a worthy follow up and is drenched in just as much Christmas “spirit” as the original, it significantly dips in quality compared to its predecessor, even if the sequel did make much more worldwide.

4 Gremlins 2: The New Batch

Following the more traditionally grounded horror movie that is Gremlins, Gremlins 2: The New Batch is one of the most surprisingly great horror sequels, even if it is more of a comedy than a horror.

Interestingly enough, just like how Scream is a parody of slasher flicks, Gremlins 2 is more of a parody of the original movie, and, for that reason, many believe it’s the better movie of the two.

3 Darkman

Liam Neeson as Darkman (1990)

Many people might not know this, but, before Sami Raimi broke box office records with Spider-Man and then went on to make two supremely financially successful sequels, the director created a different kind of superhero movie.

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Darkman was never based on a comic book, but it was instead a completely original idea of Raimi’s after he wasn’t offered the rights to Batman. Though it was a modest success, it has somewhat of a cult following and paved the way for Liam Neeson to become the action star that he is today.

2 The Witches

A screenshot of Anjelica Huston's Grand High Witch luring Bruno Jenkins in The Witches (1990)

Having recently been given a makeover in a much more colorful movie directed by Robert Zemeckis and starring Anne Hathaway, it’s easy to forget just how creepy and disturbing the 1990 version of The Witches actually is. Starring Angelica Huston, the movie serves as a faithful adaptation of the Roald Dahl book of the same name, and, though it bombed at the time of release, it has since found a huge cult following.

1 The Godfather Part III

Before the days when almost every movie release was a sequel and every superhero movie release was an event, in the 1990s, anything superhero related was regarded as niche, and the franchise that reigned supreme was The Godfather.

Being released 16 years after Part II, The Godfather Part III was celebrated by critics and nominated for 10 Academy Awards, but the hype quickly died down, and, 30 years later, it’s now seen for what it is: an underwhelming and unnecessary epilogue to the series.

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