Deadpool 3 Fan Poster Imagines Team-Up With Spider-Man & War Machine

The latest fan poster for the in-development Deadpool 3 imagines Wade Wilson teaming up with War Machine and Spider-Man within the MCU.

The latest fan poster for Deadpool 3 imagines Wade Wilson teaming up with War Machine and Spider-Man within the MCU. After a less than stellar debut in 2009’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool got a second life with the arrival of his 2016 solo film. This time, instead of keeping his mouth sewn shut, Wade was allowed to be as profane and prone to breaking the fourth wall as he is in the comics, making for a hilarious superhero movie. Deadpool was followed by Deadpool 2 two years later, and since then, fans have waited to see what will come of Deadpool 3.

Complicating matters is the Disney-Fox merger, with placed the R-rated Deadpool under the more family friendly umbrella of Marvel Studios. Due to Deadpool’s mature nature, many have wondered if Marvel and Disney will allow him to continue on as he has been. Reynolds announced Deadpool 3 to be in development last December, but when few updates came after, many began to doubt its progress. Then, just a few weeks ago, news broke Deadpool 3 is moving forward at Marvel with new writers, the Molyneux sisters.

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Now that Deadpool 3 is making progress, there’s much excitement and anticipation about the project. Fans have speculated about how the movie could integrate itself into the MCU, and this new piece from Malcolm Kenneth imagines Wade, Domino, and Cable joining forces with Spider-Man and War Machine. The best details are those in the background, like the return of Rob Delaney’s Peter, the Avengers tower, and Hugh Jackman’s face on a billboard. Check it out below.

Spider-Man is often fans’ top pick for the MCU character they most want to see Deadpool interact with, largely because of their amusing dynamic in the comics. Whether or not Deadpool 3 will include the webslinger – or just be a part of the MCU in general – remains to be seen, but it would certainly be a lot of fun. The above poster also seems to hint at a way Deadpool and his friends could join the MCU, as it looks like they’re emerging from a portal created by Doctor Strange. Now that the franchise is exploring the multiverse, it could be quite easy to reconcile the two properties.

Deadpool entering the MCU leaves the door wide open for some truly awesome partnerships, just like the ones in the fan poster. Spider-Man’s wide-eyed innocence combined with Deadpool’s wise-cracking humor could make for some fun moments, while the more serious War Machine would be an excellent foil for Wade. Of course, everything at this point is speculation, but it could be exciting to see some MCU characters appear in Deadpool 3, provided Marvel Studios brings it into the fold.

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Source: Malcolm Kenneth/Instagram

Deadpool 3 poster featured

Unofficial Deadpool 3 Poster Shows Wade in Spider-Man’s Mask

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