Batman/Superman Will Continue With New Creative Team Post-Future State

Many DC titles will be getting brand new creative teams post-Future State, and Batman/Superman’s might be the most exciting of them all!

DC Comics just revealed that their ongoing Batman/Superman title will return post-Future State with a brand-new creative team. Writer Gene Luen Yang will be joined by superstar artist Ivan Reis when the title returns to regular publication in March 2021.

DC’s upcoming Future State mega event will take place through January and February of 2021; during this time the regular DC Universe titles will pause publication and return in March. The event will showcase a futuristic, dystopian DC Universe, where Superman and Batman’s friendship has fallen apart and Gotham City is ruled by a fascist, anti-vigilante government. Readers will meet new versions of Swamp Thing, Wonder Woman and Batman. The event will consist of a mixture of anthologies and mini-series featuring a diverse array of new and established talent, such as Mariko Tamaki, Ram V, Robbie Thompson and Stephanie Phillips. Many of these creative teams will carry over to the mainstream DC Universe when those titles resume (or in some cases start) publication in March, and Batman/Superman is part of this relaunch as Yang is writing the Future State version. The new creative team was announced at CCXP, a convention in Brazil.

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DC has remained incredibly tight-lipped about story details following Future State; likewise, little has been revealed in the way of artwork as well, and Batman/Superman is no different.

Superman fights Batman

While exact details will be forthcoming in the weeks ahead, there is some room for speculation. A solicitation for the second issue of Future State Batman/Superman reveals something came between Superman and Batman, driving them apart. Whatever it may be has not been revealed yet, but could fans see the beginnings of it during Yang and Reis’ run? There have been hints that the events of Future State will have ramifications after it is done—could this be one of them? Yang has said he will explore the differences between Superman and Batman’s crime-fighting approaches during Future State—will he continue it here?

The DC Universe post-Future State is starting to come together. DC has assembled a grand collection of talent to launch their next great era. Yang is no stranger to Superman, having helmed the character’s regular title in 2015; he is currently writing Shang-Chi for Marvel. Ivan Reis has a long history at DC, having penciled many of their iconic characters; he also was the artist behind DC’s Blackest Night crossover. The duo have a firm grasp on what makes these characters tick, and that will be on full display in March when they take over Batman/Superman.

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