10 Things The Characters Wanted In Season 1 That Came True By The Finale

The characters of Parks and Recreation changed a lot from season one, but most of them got something they had wanted since the beginning.

Parks and Recreation had a large cast of characters, but the show introduced a small group of main characters working at the Pawnee parks department at the beginning of the show. The characters grew throughout the seven seasons of the show and had ups and downs throughout.

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Parks and Recreation changed a lot after its first season, but there was still a good amount of continuity with the characters as a lot of their wants, needs, and motivations were introduced in the first season and finally came to fruition by the finale.

10 Leslie Found Her Perfect Match

In the first season, Leslie was infatuated with her fellow Pawnee government employee, Mark Brendanawicz, but the two never seemed a good match and although Mark learned to respect Leslie and they become friends it never worked out romantically.

Leslie met Ben Wyatt at the end of the second season and though they hated each other at the beginning, they became close and eventually married seemingly the perfect match as Ben and Leslie are one of the fan-favorite couples of the series.

9 Ann Found Someone To Take Care Of Her

Parks and Recreation Ann Chris

For most of the first season, Ann is shown begrudgingly taking care of her then boyfriend Andy Dwyer especially after he fell into the pit and broke both of his legs. She’s furious when she learns he could have removed the casts weeks earlier and Ann finally breaks up with Andy.

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Between being a nurse and taking care of her boyfriend, Ann never had a partner who could look after her as well, but she found that in Chris Traeger and the two became happy parents.

8 Leslie Found Prominence In Politics

Leslie was starting to be recognized nationally for her political prowess for her dedication and work in her small local Pawnee government parks department by the middle of the series.

She ran and won a seat on the city council, moved onto federal government work as the deputy director of the Midwestern branch of the National Parks Service, and the finale shows both Leslie and Ben surrounded by secret service suggesting one or both hold a higher office.

7 Andy Found His Equal

In the first season, Andy was living on Ann’s couch and content to have her take care of him for his entire life it seemed. Thankfully, Ann broke up with him and forced him to move on and Andy and April eventually began a relationship.

The two seemed a perfect yet oddball match and ended the series happily married with a much healthier give and take relationship than anything else Andy had previously.

6 Ron Struck A Balance Between Solitude And Friendship

In the earlier seasons and for most of the series, Ron acted like he didn’t care about anyone else besides himself and would always rather be alone versus with anyone else.

Although it’s clear to the audience and to most of his employees that this isn’t actually the case and he does care about them due to his caring actions, it takes Ron a long time to accept this. Finally, in the last season, he admits he needs Leslie’s help and goes to her for career advice, and she sets him up with the perfect job as a park ranger.

5 Tom Found Business Success

Parks and Recreation Tom Business Ideas

After many failed business attempts and countless business ideas from the enigmatic Tom in earlier seasons including Entertainment 720 with his friend the baffling and at times terrible Jean-Ralphio Tom finally found multiple business successes in later seasons of the show.

Tom’s best and most successful businesses were arguably Rent-A-Swag where he rented out his fancy and small-sized clothes to teenagers for a fee and Tommy’s Bistro a local restaurant in Pawnee.

4 Jerry/Garry/Larry Found Genuine Recognition

Parks and Recreation

For most of the series, Jerry was mercilessly mocked by the parks department and was always the butt of any joke including the team constantly changing his name. He has a great verging on perfect home life with his beautiful and loving wife Gayle and his daughters, but this isn’t revealed until later in the series.

When Pawnee needed an interim Mayor, Ben decided to ask Jerry and he gladly accepted. He was re-elected multiple times and he became a beloved member of Pawnee as its Mayor.

3 Tom Found A Good And Healthy Relationship

Parks and Recreation

In the first season of the show, Tom is married but something is off about the marriage that isn’t revealed until later when Tom says that it was a green card marriage and it will end in divorce. Tom had a difficult time finding good partners throughout the show as he tried to make it work with Ann and even dated Jean-Ralphio’s sister Mona-Lisa for awhile.

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Eventually, Tom reconnected with his ex Lucy, who he always truly cared for and the two ended up becoming happily married by the end of the series.

2 Donna Becomes A Mogul And Settles Down

Donna wasn’t a prominent character in season one but she was similar to Tom in that she wanted to become successful in business and although she was hesitant to settle down at first it really seemed to suit her by the finale.

After the first season, Donna became successful in the real estate business and settled down and married her ex, Joe.

1 April Found Her Career

At the beginning of the show, April was a somewhat clueless and aloof intern at the parks department who wasn’t actually interested in her job and relatably had no idea what she wanted to do for a career.

She agrees to be hired on full time as Ron’s assistant, becomes the Deputy Director of Animal Control in the Pawnee parks department, and helping people find their own careers at the American Service Foundation as April truly transforms throughout the series.

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