10 Greatest One-Liners In The Franchise, Ranked

The original Predator from 1987 was released at the height of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s career. Of course, this meant that one-liners were a given. These days, the idea of a one-liner is met with an eye roll. However, if done right, a one-liner can make an entire scene even better.

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Imagine Air Force One without the iconic “get off my plane.” It just wouldn’t be the same. The same goes for Predator which led to a plethora of great one-liners across the franchise. These come from the main heroes, side-characters, extras, and even the Yautja Hunters themselves in some cases. Remember that not every one-liner could make this list.

10 I Don’t Think He Gives A S**t – Predator 2

In a more comedic one-liner, the City Hunter scares a little old lady half to death as he rampages out of the apartment. Danny Glover’s Mike Harrigan comes in late to reassure her and that’s he’s a cop.

The lady gives the best response: “I don’t think he gives a s**t.” It warrants a good laugh during the intense chase and makes the old lady into a very memorable extra.

9 You’re In My House – Predators

Laurence Fishburne plays quite the card in 2010’s Predators. Noland is a man who has been surviving the Super Predator’s pursuit for years. As a result, Noland has become a scavenger and attempts to kill the survivors by suffocating them with smoke.

When they attempt to fight back, Noland roars out that “you’re in my house, motherf**ker!” Solidifying him as a unique character and villain for this series. Unfortunately, the character is killed off soon afterward by the Super Predators.

8 A F**king Alien! – Predator 2

Speaking of crazy people, Gary Busey’s natural touch of insanity makes every role of his enjoyable. As Peter Keyes, he has plenty of memorable dialogue. His little reference to The Wizard Of Oz always warrants a good laugh.

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However, his best line comes when he tries to give a fancy title to the Yautja. When that doesn’t work, he gives the bluntest of answers: “a f**king alien!” It’s a simple answer, but the way Busey delivers it is so over the top in the most perfect of ways.

7 If It Bleeds, We Can Kill It – Predator

Dutch Schaefer has had quite enough of the Jungle Hunter taking out his men. He hatches a plan to capture and then kill it before it can do any more harm. Since the audience has grown to like Dutch’s team, they too feel his frustration.

So, when he hears that they managed to make it bleed, the audience is with him as he says, “if it bleeds, we can kill it.” Of course, this became one of the most iconic lines. One can find it on t-shirts, mugs, and referenced in other movies.

6 There’s Something Out There Waiting For Us – Predator

This one-liner sounds more like the tagline for Predator poster than anything. However, Billy delivers the line so perfectly that it helps portray the intensity of their situation. Up until this point, Billy seems to always have his cool and is ready for any fight.

So, when he says that he’s scared then says, “there’s something out there waiting for us… and it ain’t no man.” That’s how the audience knows that something big is about to go down.

5 Take It – Predator 2

After killing the City Hunter, Mike Harrigan is surrounded by a multitude of Yautja Hunters. One of them stands out in particular: the Elder Greyback. This old and weathered hunter looks upon Harrigan with respect and chooses to let him live.

However, before leaving, he tosses Harrigan an old flintlock while growling in English: “Take it.” This plus the date on the flintlock really expand upon the lore of these creatures. They are honor-bound and are practically immortal.

4 What The Hell Are You? – Predator

Arnold Schwarzenegger certainly delivers this line well when he defeats the Jungle Hunter. However, that’s not the version being added to this list. Instead, the Jungle Hunter’s mimicry of the question, “what the hell are you?” followed up with that sinister laugh is worth adding to the list.

Not only does it come off as genuinely creepy, but it is probably the best way to go out. The predator set a gold standard of having the last laugh. This line was even brought back in 2010’s Predators.

3 But I’m Fast – Predators

Adrien Brody’s Royce has a ton of one-liners throughout Predators. Royce’s best comes in the third act when he returns to save Isabelle and Edwin. Edwin has already poisoned Isabelle with neurotoxin. Of course, Royce is a smart mercenary so he predicts Edwin’s actions.

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Edwin calls him a good man for coming back, “No, I’m not.” As Edwin attempts to attack Royce, leading to Royce redirecting the blade right into Edwin’s chin like a boss, “but I’m fast.” This is followed up immediately when Royce drags Edwin across the jungle as Edwin begs for Royce not to kill him, “I won’t.” Two killer one-liners in one scene.

2 You’re One Ugly… – The Whole Franchise

Of course, this one was going to be on here; it’s practically the catchphrase of the franchise. When the Jungle Hunter reveals his face, Dutch says the perfect response to seeing that face. It was so famous that Mike Harrigan starts saying it again in Predator 2; it’s twisted perfectly when the City Hunter finishes the line.

It was strangely skipped in Predators, but it returned in Alien Vs Predator. It’s likely what the majority of audiences think of when it comes to one-liners in Predator.

1 S*** Happens! – Predator 2

The City Hunter put Mike Harrigan through agony in Predator 2, killing friends just to turn Harrigan into a deadlier prey. This worked too well and turned Harrigan into a hunter himself. The City Hunter and Harrigan fight across the city until the final showdown on the Yautja ship.

Harrigan surprise attacks with the smart disc into the City Hunter’s gut. Harrigan says a line delivered brilliantly by Danny Glover: “That’s right, a**hole! S**t happens!” As a comeback for what the City Hunter said prior. This easily warrants a cheer as Harrigan defeats his rival. Not even Dutch killed a Yautja in hand-to-hand combat.

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