What Kaysar Ridha Has Been Up To Since All-Stars Ended

Kaysar Ridha has been steadily growing his online following after competing on Big Brother 22: All-Stars. Catch up with King Kaysar.

Kaysar Ridha has been steadily growing his online following after competing on Big Brother 22: All-Stars. The fandom fell in love with Kaysar pretty immediately during his first reality TV appearance on BB6. The show’s big twist that year was that every houseguest went into the house with a secret partner. In Kaysar’s case, that was Michael Donnellan, who was evicted in week 2. After losing his only preexisting friendship in the game, Kaysar formed an unlikely bond with Janelle Pierzina, whose secret partner Ashlea Evans had also already been evicted. That still didn’t stop Kaysar’s eviction in week 4, but the public voted for him to come back, solidifying his status as a BB legend.

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A year later, Kaysar Ridha was one of the four Big Brother 6 players who got to compete in the series’ first All-Stars edition in history. Unfortunately, Kaysar was once again evicted before he got to the jury phase of the show, but his presence and gameplay were still in everyone’s memories for years to come. The ultimate proof of Kaysar’s staying power came in 2020, when CBS cast him on Big Brother 22: All-Stars and heavily utilized his image in the promotional materials. It was also clear that he was one of the players that the fans were most looking forward to seeing again.

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Ever since he left the 2020 edition of Big Brother: All-Stars, Kaysar Ridha went back to his job as Vice President of Digital Product for a company called Evolus. But he also did a lot more than that. After having so many important conversations on TV – whether that was on BB6 or on BB22 -, Kaysar decided to create his own platforms to talk to his fans and have conversations with guests. For one, Kaysar created a YouTube channel where he holds live chats, conducts interviews, and also talks about his own stories and experiences. He’s also done similar types of content on Instagram, hosting IG Lives and sharing more about his life than he ever did before.

Needless to say, the fans are loving this post-BB22 Kaysar Ridha who is much more active on social media. Most of the fans love listening to Kaysar and watching him on their screens, so it’s definitely a positive thing that they now get more content from him than ever. His ultimate downfall on Big Brother has been the fact that he’s one smart guy who easily threatens the other alpha players on the show, but he’s never had that problem with the fandom.

A lot of the old-school players on Big Brother 22: All-Stars are now reaping the benefits of landing marketing sponsorships for their social media pages and having a more direct interaction with the fans. These things were very different for the houseguests who had competed in the earlier seasons.

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