Twitch Removes ‘Blind Playthrough’ Tag Over Ableism Concerns

After the Twitch community made it clear that the “blind playthrough” tag is offensive to disabled players, Twitch has removed the tag altogether.

Twitch has responded to viral tweets about the term “blind playthrough” by removing the longstanding tag from the streaming site. As of recently, the term has been brought up again in response to its ableist wording and the fact that there seems to be an existing lack of recognition for the disabled community on the platform.

Twitch is the most-viewed streaming site on the internet, hosting millions of viewers to watch some of their favorite streamers play games. For some time now, Twitch has had labels and a tag system that allows its streamers to categorize their streams and videos, categorizing content for viewers at a glance. The term “blind playthrough” was one of Twitch’s first tags, applying to first-time runs of games that streamers know little to nothing about.

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As of recently, however, Twitch has responded to these concerns and removed the blind playthrough tag altogether. Twitter user and Twitch streamer Aureylian tweeted out that she was “happy to see” Twitch had listened to the feedback from the community and removed the tag. She also said that the “first playthrough” tag could be used in conjunction with the “no spoilers” tag to replace the now-removed tag.

This isn’t the first time that the topic of using disabled language has come up regarding Twitch streaming. Back in June, AbleGamers COO Steven Spohn produced a long thread on Twitter discussing the use of ableist language in video games and streaming, as well as the term “blind playthrough.” Using other ableist terms like “going in blind” and “falling on deaf ears” as examples, Spohn challenged others to be more conscious with their language in general.

Whether Twitch users support the change in tag names or they don’t, there’s no denying that the company is trying to make pathways for more inclusivity on the platform. Streamers and viewers don’t know what might happen next, but many are hopeful of the future and thankful that Twitch has been showing that it thinks of its users. With time, perhaps there will be even more opportunities for Twitch to protect and normalize people with disabilities within the online gaming community.

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Source: Aureylian

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