Total Drama: The Couples, Ranked Worst To Best

The Canadian animated reality comedy Total Drama, a parody and tribute of reality television, is full of pretty unique and often even relatable characters.

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Besides the absurd adventures and challenges they face, a great element of this animated series is the way its characters interact with one another and eventually develop friendships and relationships. There are different kinds of couples: there’s a goth couple, an average couple, and many bizarre couples. However, not all of them seem to be the right choice or pairing for the protagonists. Let’s explore some of the best and the worst couples in the show.

10 Worst: Gwen & Trent

Gwen and Trent weren’t a terrible couple, they were indeed cute at the start of the show. They started with some romanticism, subtle flirting, and good chemistry. However, they just don’t seem to be made for each other; their relationships fade out easily throughout the seasons, almost as if Trent was used more as a development for Gwen, as they didn’t match each other that well in the long run.

9 Best: Duncan & Courtney

Duncan and Courtney’s relationship was sort of born out of a love-hate dynamic in which he often teased her, and she pretended to hate him for it. Although, because of their drastic differences—for example she follows the rules, but he’s a delinquent—they might have not seemed very compatible at the start of the show.

However, the more the first season progressed, the more their chemistry developed, and the public got to see how they both brought the best out of each other as Duncan started teaching Courtney how to have fun and break the rules sometimes, and Courtney brought out Duncan’s hidden tender side.

8 Worst: Linsday & Tyler

Linsday and Taylor haven’t got particularly good chemistry or story. They seem to be more of a random couple, as it often happens in real life—pretty realistic for an animated parody!—when two people have not much more than looks. They’re not a toxic couple, and they also lasted pretty long, but their relationship isn’t that engaging nor remarkable.

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They’re one of the oldest couples of the series, but still one of the most unimportant ones.

7 Best: Bridgette & Geoff

Bridgette and Geoff’s chemistry and overall relationship is enviable and definitely one of the best elements in the show, especially in the first season (Total Drama: Island). They even had an after-show together in which they grew even closer.

Their relationship is, perhaps, one of the most serious ones in the show; they never left each other for too long, instead, they made projects together and never lost their little sparkle. They’re similar but too much, they have always had that perfect balance.

6 Worst: Harold & Leshawna

Harold and Leshawna also are one of those couples that seem to be born out of randomness, probably to give almost every character of the show a relationship. However, Leshawna was too good for Harold, who acted like a kid and lived in his own awkward fantasies.

They didn’t bind on things in common, chemistry, or shared values, most of their moments on the show were either too realistic, random, or empty.

5 Best: Mike & Zoey

Mike and Zoey are a newer couple, they were in fact introduced in the fourth chapter of the saga, Total Drama: Revenge Of The Island. They are one of the most important couples in the show as well, in fact, this season often around these characters and their relationship in general.

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They have always been there for each other, and Zoey never gave up on him despite the difficulties and challenges. She did, in fact, bring him with her in the final just to help him dead with his multiple personality disorder. They’re more than just a couple, but also a great team with a strong, natural connection. Their dynamic is heart-warming and their relationship long-lasting.

4 Worst: Courtney & Scott

Courtney and Scott make up the first relationship between first-generation and second-generation contestants. Their chemistry wasn’t bad, and they did have some potential, but it was a mess for most of their time together.

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Courtney was too selfish—and probably still damaged by the bitter breakup with Duncan—and focused on winning the challenge. Therefore, they fought and drew apart more times than they actually enjoyed their time together.

3 Best: Emma & Noah

Emma and Noah’s relationship is simple but quite cute and romantic. He liked her since long before she noticed him, but he kept being detached and sarcastic instead of doing something about it. They still eventually drew closer as their chemistry developed, and they turned out to be a good fit for each other. They probably also are one of the happiest couples from the series!

2 Worst: Izzy & Owen

Izzy and Owen both were too childish and unprepared to engage in an actual relationship. They’re both great characters and their chemistry was there, but they just never handled things that well, nor did they develop a connection strong enough to make their relationship last. They did seem to have ended up together randomly, and their breakup seemed pretty casual, as well, which is a pity as they did have potential.

1 Best: Duncan & Gwen

Duncan and Gwen’s relationship didn’t bloom until their friendship was fully developed, which is one of the best things about them. They don’t just seem to have a lot in common, they also seem to share mentality and values.

Their attraction and chemistry developed naturally and suddenly, their first kiss was, in fact, while he was still dating Courtney. Despite Duncan being (at least seemingly) incapable of handling a stable relationship, he and Gwen connected uniquely.

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