Namor Just Proved He’s The Deadliest Avenger

Namor has always been one of the deadliest members of the Avengers, and Atlantis Attacks just showed how merciless he can be!

Warning: spoilers for Atlantis Attacks #5 ahead!

Namor once again proves he is the deadliest hero to serve on the Avengers. In Atlantis Attacks #5, by the team of writer Greg Pak, artists Robert Gill and Ario Anindito and colorist Rachelle Rosenberg, Marvel’s King of Atlantis fights a mind-controlled Amadeus Cho, and in the process proves why he is the most lethal Avenger.

Namor is one of Marvel’s oldest characters, dating back to the company’s founding in 1939. While his more recent adventures have focused on him assembling the Defenders of the Deep, he’s also been a member of the Avengers, Invaders, and even the X-Men. Whatever team he happens to be a member of benefits from his strength and tactical know-how, though they also tend to suffer from his arrogance and temper, especially since he sees himself as an embodiment of Atlantis rather than a private individual, amplifying any slight or error.

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The issue opens with a mind-controlled Amadeus Cho going on a destructive rampage. Mike Nguyen, Cho’s controller, is the head of the city of Pan and is at war with Namor and Atlantis. When Namor discovers that Cho is destroying everything, he takes a team of undersea heroes with him to stop Cho; this is where Namor displays his killer instincts. He tackles, in mid-air, Cho and drags him down into the ocean, telling Nguyen to call Cho off, or else. Realizing that Nguyen will never back down, Namor then teleports himself and Cho to Pan, where the Hulk creates a giant tsunami. Though Namor rallies the heroes together to stop it once the Hulk is free, his high-risk move shows how far he’ll go to defeat his enemies.

Atlantis Attacks Namor

Namor was willing to do whatever it took to win the battle, including drowning the citizens of Pan in the process. Namor thinks in terms of nations, willing to risk and even sacrifice enemy citizens if it protects his own people. It’s the kind of tactic pretty much any other Avenger would balk at, but Namor is a ruler, and he believes that sometimes justifies being a monster. As it was, the citizens of Pan were able to survive due to shelters and the efforts of the heroes, but Namor’s chief enemy – Nguyen – was still killed by the wave.

Namor again has proven why he is one of the deadliest members of the Avengers – he is ruthless and willing to do whatever it takes to defeat his opponents, be it killing a 16-year-old kid or putting a whole island of people at risk. He does not hesitate to leap into battle, and while this hot-headed nature does not translate well into being a team player, it makes him the most lethal member of whatever team he is on.

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