Loki’s Most Evil Moment Is Too Dark For The MCU

While the MCU’s version of Loki has done some terrible things, the worst thing he’s ever done is still in the pages of Marvel Comics.

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the God of Mischief Loki has done some pretty evil things. He’s the reason the Avengers were first assembled after all, bringing threats and dangers to Earth that mankind had never seen before on a global scale. Not only that, but he’s repeatedly tried to undermine his brother Thor and sought his own power and rule. While he would eventually be redeemed in Thor: Ragnarok just before his death in Avengers: Infinity War, a new and alternate version of Loki from the past will be featured in his own Disney+ series, who will no doubt still retain some darkness. However, one of Loki’s most evil moments in the pages of Marvel Comics has yet to make it to the MCU, and probably won’t ever.

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When Norman Osborn had the Void attack Asgard during Marvel’s Siege event, Loki ended up sacrificing himself to save Asgard, appearing to be a hero and asking Thor to avenge him. Later, Thor would end up finding a reincarnated Loki in the form of a young boy with only parts of his memory intact, as Loki had Hela erase his name from the Book of Hel, allowing him to live on in a new form. Thor would end up bringing Kid Loki back into the fold of Asgard, much to the distrust of his father Odin and the majority of Asgard. However Thor chose to believe in this new version of his brother, and Kid Loki would strive to make his brother proud.

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However, Kid Loki eventually came face to face with an echo of his elder past self in Journey Into Mystery #645, who was desiring to inhabit Kid Loki as a means to return as the God of Mischief he once was. However, Kid Loki rejected the union of his former self, choosing instead to be better than the Loki of the past. Kid Loki would then go on to prove his righteousness in Asgard, though it was revealed issues later that this was exactly what the echo had wanted from the very beginning: he wanted to die and have a new Loki build a renewed reputation for him to take advantage of.

Once Loki’s name had been redeemed by Kid Loki, the echo orchestrated events so that in order to be a hero, Kid Loki would have no choice but to give himself up to the elder Loki. Essentially, Loki effectively kills the best and brightest version of himself, taking his place with his original dark and corrupted tendencies. However, the regret the older Loki immediately feels after doing so makes this scene that much more heartbreaking.

While nothing like this has been seen thus far in the MCU, it’s possible that Kid Loki could be featured in the Disney+ series, as time travel has been rumored to play a big factor in its narrative. Perhaps the Loki series could try for a reversed take on this comic story and have an older Loki attempt to give his younger self an earlier chance for redemption and a better life? Fans will have to wait and see, but it doesn’t seem as though they’ll need to worry about anything as dark as Loki killing the living embodiment of his own goodness just yet.

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