Fans Think Deavan Clegg Reached A New Low With Her New Post

It seems like Deavan Clegg has lost her credibility amongst some 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way fans. They are calling her “fake” in her new IG post.

Season two of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way helped Deavan Clegg earn publicity, though most of it is negative. After watching the show, many viewers believe she cheated on her husband, Jihoon Lee. She returned to the United States after lying to him, claiming it was only a temporary visit. But she never returned to South Korea, which made many fans angry. After receiving so much hate, she is now promoting a weight loss app.

Deavan and Jihoon were in a relationship for a very short time when they got pregnant with their first child. Since the South Korean native didn’t have an average paying job and a decent apartment to live in, the couple often had explosive arguments. Still, they tried to be together, and soon their lives were back on track. The 30-year-old father found a job as a used cell phone salesman and was able to take care of his family of four. Still, many fans felt Deavan was consistently looking for excuses to leave her man. She criticized him for not arranging a lavish, extravagant American wedding in South Korea. She also tried to sabotage her relationship by calling Jihoon a cheater for looking at pornographic images. Still, towards the end of the 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, everything was going fine for the couple. 

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However, in the finale episode, Deavan said she wanted to spend some time away from Jihoon to avoid fights and work on their marriage. She returned to Utah in May 2020 and never moved back to South Korea. Many fans think she lied to Jihoon and moved on with a new guy, Topher Park, without any guilt. It seems like her on-screen personality is having detrimental effects on her real-life social media accounts. She recently endorsed a weight loss app on her Instagram, which is receiving a huge backlash from her IG followers. The 24-year-old former TLC star is encouraging her fans to use the flat tummy app. She wrote, “A workout app tailored to me and my goals AND it’s 50% OFF the 12 Month Plan?!” Check out her promotional video below:

Most of her IG followers consider this easy and quick weight loss concept to be “unhealthy.” One of her critics fired back, “Targeting vulnerable people desperate to lose weight then saying you don’t need the gym? That would play on my conscience.” Another one said, “I can’t imagine promoting ‘flat tummy’ bs to my followers who look up to me.

Other followers don’t care about the app, but think Deavan should go easy on the lip fillers. They suggest she shouldn’t follow the footsteps of another cast member, Darcey Silva. Still, others are probing her about the abuse claim she made against her ex. Since 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way viewers didn’t see anything like that on the show, they feel Deavan made false allegations.

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