BMW Doesn’t Mind If You Modify The 4-Series’ Massive Kidney Grille

To say the front grille of the BMW 4-Series has split opinions would be an understatement and despite the controversial looks, the automaker is sticking with it. However, BMW head of exterior design Christopher Weil has revealed that he doesn’t mind if customers decided to change the looks of the car, including the oversized kidney grille.

During a recent interview with members of the Australian media prior to the local launch of the new 4-Series, Weil revealed that BMW wanted to differentiate it further from the 3-Series and give it its own unique look.

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“We wanted to divide the 4 Series more from the 3 Series… they were very much the same – let’s say in design expression, and now we wanted to split up the characters,” he told Cars Guide. “The 4 Series, in our aim, should be more expressive, more progressive and also more elegant than the 3 Series. They are two different cars addressing two different sorts of customers, that was the aim whilst designing the car.”

According to Weil, pictures of the car and its enlarged kidney grille don’t do it justice and customers prefer it when viewed in the flesh. Nevertheless, he did offer his support for those looking to customize their cars.

“I like the idea of customizing – we see it in the motorcycle world, there’s a lot of customizing – and if people think ‘we can tune a car, we can make it different’ or they’re kind of styling the car to their own personality even more, of course they should do it,” he said. “We have certain offerings at BMW – they are very expressive pieces – or you can even put on aftermarket (parts), and great wheels and stuff like this, but even if people go somewhere else and customize the car, it’s fine with me, I think it’s cool.”

Updated: December 6, 2020 — 11:39 pm

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