Among Us Skins Look Like Real-World Cosplay In Jaw-Dropping 3D Renders

3D artist Alessandro Baldasseroni brings the simplistic designs of Among Us to life with an astounding level of care and detail.

Artist Alessandro Baldasseroni has brought Among Us skins to life through a number of beautiful 3D renders. Blur Studio animator Alessandro Baldasseroni has created 3D character models for a number of well-known projects, such as the Batman: Arkham series. Among Us is a popular online game that has players cooperate to repair a space ship while a shapeshifting imposter attempts to hunt them down.

After releasing back in 2018, Among Us has experienced a massive spike in popularity this year. The COVID-19 pandemic, which forced people across the world to remain indoors and avoid physical contact, is considered a major factor in the cooperative online game’s sudden spike in attention. While developer InnerSloth initially intended to create a sequel, the huge spike in popularity has encouraged the team to instead continue supporting the original game with new content. Information about new features, such as a new map and additional language support, is expected to come at the Game Awards on December 10.

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Alessandro Baldasseroni has created an artistic tribute to Among Us by creating 3D renders of the playable crewmembers, also featuring the game’s eccentric cosmetic items. The character skins range from warm winter clothes to a stereotypical Italian chef, complete with a mustache and plate of spaghetti. One skin makes a crewmate resemble exiting US President Donald Trump, while still another sports a photorealistic COVID-19 face mask like one of the game’s actual skins.

Due to the game’s huge popularity, many artists have paid tribute to Among Us through various artistic mediums. Content creator Lumpy Touch created a de-make of the game, which reimagined the modern online game as a retro Nintendo Game Boy title. Popular YouTuber 3D Print Guy has also created some Among Us content in the form of an animated short film. The film is under two minutes long, but it manages to transform the cartoony gameplay of Among Us into a hyperrealistic, terrifying experience.

InnerSloth utilized a very simplistic art style when creating Among Us, which has allowed the game to easily slip into the world of popular culture. Any artist, regardless of skill, is able to replicate the game’s simple designs. However, a truly extraordinary talent such as Alessandro Baldasseroni is able to elevate and transform those simplistic designs into something much more complex. The detail present in every inch of his Among Us 3D renders is truly a sight to behold.

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Among Us is available on iOS, Android, and PC.

Source: Alessandro Baldasseroni

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