5 Most Advanced Inventions In The Show (& 5 That Make No Sense)

The Battle of Castle Black was nearly lost until the Scythe was dropped. The bladed pendulum that could be adjusted from the top of the 700ft wall to cut down enemies turned the direction of the battle in favor of the Night’s Watch. It was just one of the most interesting inventions that Game of Thrones introduced, which way ahead of that time.

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Not all the inventions in the show are as easy to understand as the Scythe, though. When someone uses the Long Farewell poison, their victim dies slowly, just like Myrcella, while they can simply wipe their lips and not die, which really doesn’t make sense. Throughout the eight seasons of Game of Thrones, many inventions, some totally ridiculous, made the show worth watching.

10 Advanced: Qyburn’s Scorpion

The Batle of The Gold Road-Game of Thrones

Cersei called Qyburn the cleverest man she had ever met, which wasn’t very far from the truth, but Tyrion deserved that title more. Qyburn still came up with some super-cool toys to help Cersei defeat Daenerys’ dragons. The Scorpion could rotate in any direction operated by just a single man.

If the operator was as smart and agile as Ser Bronn The Blackwater, they could take a perfect shot at a dragon high up in the sky. It was like a rudimentary stinger missile that could drop planes (dragons) from the sky. The combination of chains and a reloading chamber that could launch the super-large spears was genius.

9 Makes No Sense: Wildfire

Game of Thrones, The Alchemist's Guild

“The substance burns so hot, it melts flesh like tallow,” Hallyne the Pyromancer said about Wildfire. He also said that the substance could melt steel, stone, and wood, making it the most dangerous weapon in Game of Thrones. It was an interesting part of the show, but most of the stories around it just didn’t add up when it was finally put to use.

Cersei used it to blow up the Great Sept of Baelor, and it seemed more controlled than Hallyne had predicted. The perceived bunkers of Wildfire created by the Mad King around the city also exploded when Daenerys burned down King’s Landing, but they didn’t seem to do as much melting as the Alchemist’s Guild had predicted.

8 Advanced: Milk Of The Poppy

Grandmaester Pycelle using The Milk of The Poppy on Robert Baratheon

The facts about the Milk of The Poppy in the show reveal that it is essentially an opioid (not surprising, given the use of poppies in our world). The maesters use it as a pain killer and an anesthetic, and it is accepted all over the Seven Kingdoms and beyond. It doesn’t cure, but it does ease pain and make it easier to operate.

Milk of the Poppy can also cause an addiction leading to the victim shaking like Layman Lannister. Fear of the addiction may be the reason why Jaime Lannister refused to take it before his surgery, but it was the most reliable medicine in the show.

7 Makes No Sense: The Poisoned Pool

The Poisoned Pool in The House of Black and White, Braavos, GOT

The hall of Black and White is scary but interesting if you ignore the faces of the dead and focus on the Faceless Men instead. The most interesting feature of the hall was the poisoned pool in the center of the hall where those troubled could come to drink and get the relief of a quick death.

The very idea of a suicide pool in the middle of a city is hard to contemplate. When Arya drank the water from the pool, she was cured “because she believed she was no one,” which she actually wasn’t. So unless the poison was selective or particularly magic, Arya shouldn’t have made it out of that hall alive.

6 Advanced: Arya’s Dragonglass Weapon

Arya's Drangonglass Weapon

Arya was good with Needle as she managed to kill most of the people on her kill list with it, but it was useless against The Dead because it wasn’t Valayrian steel. When she drew her own design for a Dragonglass weapon to be used in The Battle of Winterfell, it looked more like a complicated spear at first.

When Gendry finally created it, it was the most sophisticated weapon in Game of Thrones. The spear had two sharp ends and could be split in half to be used as a sword, two spears, and a dagger. It could also be put together quickly whenever you needed to stab the enemy from a safe distance. It turned Arya into a Ninja against the White Walkers.

5 Makes No Sense: Valyrian Steel

Ice, the valyrian steel sword of House Stark

According to Grandmaester Pycelle, nothing cuts like Valyrian steel. It cuts through bone like butter, and once forged, it can remain sharp forever with no need for honing, which is an impossibility for any metal tool. Valyrian steel is stronger than regular steel yet lighter and distinctively rippled, so it can be noticed from far.

While these properties are excellent, no one seems to understand the mysteries of Valyrian steel, most of which don’t make sense. First, Valyrian steel is supposed to be indestructible, but somehow, most of these weapons have been destroyed or disappeared mysteriously.

4 Advanced: Bran’s Chair

Bran and the Weirwood Tree

Cersei credited Qyburn as the cleverest man that ever lived, but no one gave Tyrion credit for this timeless invention. Bran wouldn’t have had much of a life if Tyrion hadn’t drawn the plans for what looked like a modern-day wheelchair. The invention made Bran independent despite his disability, which was very important for his quality of life.

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Considering the time the show is situated in, the only option for Bran was to sit there waiting for someone to lift him. Tyrion came up with the plans for the mobile chair way better than what Doran Martell had, which played a big role in making Bran Stark the King of the Six Kingdoms.

3 Makes No Sense: The Moon Door

Lysa Tully falling through the moon door

Robin Arryn believed that any castle that doesn’t have a moon door is incomplete because he wouldn’t have a place to send “bad people and those he didn’t like” flying through. The Mood Door is the most interesting feature of The Vale if you ignore the fact that the castle is built on a mountain. The Crescent-moon-shaped exit opens into the sky, and a drop though it is a sure way to die.

However, the mystery of the vale is in how it was even constructed in the first place. Then comes the Moon Door, which is an exit several hundred feet above the ground. How did they construct the door in the middle of the floor, and how many people accidentally died in the building of it?

2 Advanced: The Scythe

The Scythe in The Battle of Castle Black

The Night’s Watch’s secret weapon was the Scythe, which they dropped on the poor Wildlings attempting to scale the Great Wall. There was nothing too mysterious about this weapon, though, just its genius. It could be swung from the top of the wall slicing the victims in half, and its height could also be adjusted from the top to target the different heights the climber had reached. It changed the odds of the Battle of Castle Black in favor of the Night’s Watch.

1 Makes No Sense: The Mountain

The King's Landing Entourage in The Talks Between Daenerys and Cersei

The resurrected version of Gregor Clegane was the peak of Qyburn’s unethical medical inventions. He requested to examine Gregor Clegane’s poisoned undying body in the Black Cells, where his screams wouldn’t be heard, then brought him back. Surviving so many stabs, is impossible in itself, not to mention Manticore Venom on the blade.

What Qyburn brought back was a huge body with no brain that just doesn’t make any biological sense. Sandor stabbed it through the heart and brain, but nothing happened. So, what exactly did Qyburn turn The Mountain into? Did he even eat? How did he not rot away?

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