10 Things We Already Know About The Disney+ TV Series

Details are always scarce for Marvel Cinematic Universe movies and TV shows due to Disney’s preference to keep things shrouded in mystery. Hawkeye will be arriving on Disney+ as a TV series that will focus on the titular character, apart from his adventures with the Avengers.

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Since the series is still filming, not a lot of information is available about it. However, there are important points that have come to light and are very interesting to know since they give a good idea of what the story is going to be about. These relate to the characters that will be seen and the potential plotlines that will unfold.

10 Black Widow Is In The Series

It’s not the Black Widow that fans were hoping for, although Hawkeye will be bringing an iteration of the superhero forward. The Black Widow in question is Yelena Belova, who’s the sister-figure to Natasha Romanoff and will be entering Hawkeye’s life in the series.

Florence Pugh has already brought a pretty neat filmography forward, and the Hawkeye series will be a way for fans to become accustomed to her version of Black Widow. Seeing as Clint was just as much a family for Natasha as Yelena, there’s enough background here for a story to formulate.

9 Kate Bishop Is Hawkeye’s Successor

Like Florence Pugh, Hailee Steinfeld also has a rich list of acting credits and she’ll also be taking the reins in this show. While it’s been widely known that Kate Bishop will feature, the Hawkeye series is actually setting up for her to become the titular character entirely.

Clint Barton’s farewell is not set in stone as of yet, but it’s for certain that he will be passing the mantle of Hawkeye over to Kate Bishop by the end of this series. All in all, the show’s purpose is to bring a younger Hawkeye to carry on in the MCU.

8 It Will Dive Into The Ronin Persona

Avengers Endgame Hawkeye Ronin

The massacres he committed as part of his Ronin persona were the worst things Hawkeye did, but Avengers: Endgame didn’t really do this justice. Hawkeye was only shown as Ronin for a few minutes before regressing back to his old self.

The TV series is going to right this wrong, with the Ronin persona explored in much detail here. It’s likely these will be presented as part of flashbacks, but fans will be able to see just how low Hawkeye got when he had nothing to lose.

7 The Series Is Set After Avengers: Endgame In 2025

Hawkeye & His Ronin Alter Ego Get Mulan-Inspired Endgame Fan Poster

Due to certain inconsistencies, there are things about the MCU timeline that don’t fully make sense. Hawkeye will be acknowledging the five-year time skip in Avengers: Endgame, with the show set in 2025, about two years after the movie.

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This will give enough time for Clint to have settled into life after leaving the Avengers, along with presenting a framing device for the story that won’t need to explain the immediate aftermath of the Snap completed by Thanos. It’s also confirmation that the show won’t be a prequel like the Black Widow movie.

6 Clint’s Mentor Will Be Seen

The origins of Clint Barton have never been shown in the MCU, which is about to change. The clearest indication is the presence of Jacques Duquesne in the TV series. This character was the early mentor of Clint, who eventually became a villain.

His persona is that of Swordsman, a character Duquesne portrayed for his criminal activities. His connection with Clint had to do with taking in the young runaway Clint and training on how to use bladed weapons. Hawkeye is sure to bring in a similar connection for the MCU.

5 Hawkeye’s Hearing Loss Will Be Explored

Jeremy Renner Hawkeye Deaf Comics

A significant arc for Hawkeye in the comics was about him losing his hearing, turning him into a disabled superhero. Filming of the TV show has revealed that Clint will be wearing a hearing aid, confirming the MCU will be diving into this storyline as well.

It’s entirely possible that this might be the reason why he’ll be handing over the reins to Kate Bishop in the first place, although Clint coping with the disability and being Hawkeye might also be shown. Whatever it might be, a story about Hawkeye’s hearing loss is on the cards.

4 Kate Bishop’s Backstory Will Be Portrayed

Kate Bishop Hawkeye Concept Art

It’s not very common for the MCU to fully present a backstory for its protagonists, with stuff like their mistakes in judgment or how their family life is. Hawkeye won’t be having this issue, as Kate Bishop will be portrayed from start to finish.

This is known due to the casting of Vera Farmiga as Eleanor Bishop, the mother of Kate. It means that the TV series will be showing the origins of the new Hawkeye as well and where she came from before meeting Clint.

3 It Will Feature Echo The Superhero

Hawkeye Maya Lopez Echo SR

It’s likely that the MCU will be adding another sidekick through the introduction of Maya Lopez, also known as Echo. She’s associated with Daredevil in the comics, but will likely be closer to Kate Bishop due to their similar ages in the show.

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Echo happens to be one of the few deaf comic book superheroes, and her presence is definitely going to tie in with Hawkeye’s own hearing loss. Echo’s abilities comprise of her copying anything she sees to absolute perfection and is known for the handprint on her face as part of her superhero look.

2 Lucky The Pizza Dog Will Make His Debut

Pizza Dog Hawkeye

This dog has a pretty prominent role for Hawkeye in the comics, where he attacked the mafia to save Clint’s life. This made him a loyal pet to Clint, eventually forming a connection to Kate Bishop when she arrived on the scene.

The TV series is going to debut Lucky to the MCU, and odds are that he’ll be the one to bring about Clint’s meeting with Kate. With the hearing loss angle also in view, it’s likely that Lucky will be helping Clint in his activities as Hawkeye as well.

1 How Both Hawkeyes Look

Kate Bishop and Hawkeye Concept Art

Hawkeye is generally seen as having one of the worst costumes in the MCU. Well, this might not change much after his own series either, as concept art released by Disney showed him dressed in casuals while mentoring Kate Bishop.

Kate’s own attire is seen in casual garb in this image, although she does have a purple theme going for her. Of course, it’s definitely not going to be their superhero costumes, but the look they’ll be donning on a general basis can be seen in this concept art.

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