Which Fan Favorites Could Be On Discovery’s 90 Day Journey

TLC fans are wondering which fan favorites could be on Discovery’s new show, 90 Day Journey which is set to air on their new streaming service.

Which fan favorites from 90 Day Fiancé could be on Discovery’s 90 Day Journey? The newest show to join the franchise is bound to be a walk down memory lane as viewers meet up with some old friends.

Tis, the season for giving, and the Discovery Channel have gifted their loyal fans an incredible gift. The network has made it their mission to keep up with other popular networks and release their own streaming platform called Discovery+. On top of the news, the network has also spilled the tea about four new shows they will be launching in the coming year. One of the four shows will be called 90 Day Journey, which will bring back the franchise’s who’s who. The premise is almost like a lifelike scrapbook where each couple will take a look back at their beginning season and then show highlights as the years have gone by. Not to mention fans will be given unlimited updates on their favorite couples. But who should make the cut? Below are Screen Rant’s top choices to be cast on the new program.

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Mohamed and Danielle

Season 2’s Mohamed and Danielle had an unhealthy relationship from the very start thanks to not only an age difference but Danielle’s awkward habit of turning into a stage five clinger. She would hang all over Mohamed, who found her revolting and was using her for the green card. Fans watched every cringey moment, including when Mohamed walked out of her and her daughter and left Ohio for good. Naturally, Danielle searched for him only to find he had ventured to Florida to meet up with a much younger, thinner blonde. This road trip was the gift that kept on giving and included Danielle throwing printouts of his secret conversation at him, yelling, “You’re a user, Mohamed. You used me.” Even though the two broke up, they still were at each other’s throats as Mohamed made fun of their sex life (gross!), and Danielle upped her game and turned into a stalker. Since the couple agreed on a divorce, the odds are good that Mohamed is still in the United States, and we wonder if he is still homeless in his tractor-trailer?

Jon and Rachel

Karaoke never sounded so sweet. These two cuties are everything that makes up a modern-day fairytale. Not only was Jon Walters from England, but the two made sweet music together, forever binding them together. This couple is also from season 2, but it was hard to narrow it down with such a solid season. Fans will recall that Rachel was a single mother who found out she was pregnant with another baby while crooning away with Jon. TLC viewers were wary of Jon since he had a criminal background thanks to a lad’s fight outside a bar. The couple’s embrace in Paddington stations left no eye dry, and the proposal made every fan bawl. The two are still separated by an ocean, though, since she cannot leave the US with her older daughter. Jon has yet to be granted a visa, thanks to his criminal record. But love will conquer all, and many hope that these two get a chance to update us on their story.

Kirlyam and Alan


Kirlyam and Alan Cox won fans over during the very first season of the popular franchise. This couple quickly showed how the K-1 Visa is supposed to work. An actual couple who could prove they were in love and for all the right reasons. Alan was a sweet, well-mannered Mormon who fell in love with the Brazilin while on a mission trip. Both showed through their interactions that they were kind and respectful. Their central drama was choosing to abstain, leaving viewers to process Alan’s wedding night hopes as he told cameras, “We’ve waited so long to be together, and tonight the wedding’s over, so we can do what married people do.” Fans are aware that the couple has a little boy named Liam and would like to know how they are doing and what they have been up to.

Jorge and Anfisa

Let’s just all agree; this relationship made us all scared to date a pretty Russian girl. Between the screaming and keying of cars, there was no real winning for Jorge, who just became a doormat. Jorge Nava and Anfisa Arkhipchenko appeared on season 4, and their relationship showcased drama, drugs, and lots of fighting. Fans loved to hate Anfisa, but she was honest from the start by saying she was only interested in Jorge for his money, which she later found out he lied about. Fans found her bluntness refreshing, and once they figured out Jorge lied, the sympathy was gone. Fans are well aware that the couple has since divorced and moved on, but it would be nice for a little catch up to see who Anfisa found to bankroll her life and how Jorge survived jail.

Kyle and Noon

90 Day Fiance Kyle Noon

Season 3 couple Kyle and Noon Huck are still madly in love, thank goodness! This cute duo met in Thailand, and it seemed Noon was Kyle’s ray of sunshine that he needed after some significant family issues. Noon was incredibly supportive, and Kyle returned the sentiment once Noon arrived in the US as she became extremely homesick. The two are still going strong, but it would be great to check up on them, especially since their Instagram is always filled with fun pictures!

Nicole and Azan

Easily the worst couple of all time, mainly because we are not even sure they are a legitimate couple. Nicole Nafziger has been on fans’ naughty list for some time thanks to her click-bait Instagram posts and ditching her daughter during the pandemic to stay in Morocco. Azan is not an angel either since he has been linked to other women and supposedly took money from Nicole to open a store that never existed. He often stated he was only “55%” attracted to Nicole and has been caught cheating numerous times. But, even with all that toxicity, both Nicole and Azan make for great TV. The two have stayed quiet when it comes to updates, and many believe they are never going to be married, but it would be nice for them to prove us wrong, wouldn’t it?

Leida and Eric

Easily the most wicked of stepmothers were Leida Margaretha, who hailed from Indonesia and married Eric Rosenbrook. Leida had a son and made it clear she did not care for Eric’s daughters. Fans will recall she actually kicked one out of their house and ruined a father-daughter bond. Leida was training to become a doctor in her home country, but fans found her crass personality a bit tough to swallow as she quickly changed her tune overnight and was happy to become a step ford wife, which Eric couldn’t afford. The two recently bought a house, but fans also know she got into a war of words with Deavan Clegg and Instagrammer Johny Yates, where her extreme right-wing opinions were made known.

As far as 90 Day Fiance honorable mentions, we would be remiss to leave out Mike and Aziza, Eloshway,  Brett and Daya Otto, Big Ed, and Russ and Paola Mayfield. Two of the four are very open on their social media accounts and already share more than enough with viewers who do not feel they would be given any new news.

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