The 5 Most Annoying Things Serena Ever Did (& 5 Sweetest)

Those of a certain age likely grew up with their eyes glued to a little show known as Gossip Girl. The show was all the rage, so much so that it ended up getting a reboot. The storylines were seedy; the actors were beautiful humans; the outfits were everything. Gossip Girl took up rank with other similar hits like Beverly Hills 90210 and Melrose Place.

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It was one of those shows where fans became hooked on the characters, and no other character seemed to draw fans in like Serena van der Woodsen, played by the beautiful Blake Lively. Serena had personality for days. Sometimes she was a darling, and other times, not so much.

10 Annoying: The Pete Coverup

Serena and Pete were up to no good in a hotel room. Really, teens and hotel rooms will always be some level of inappropriate when those two factors get combined. Pete engaged in illegal activities after being shot down by Serena, and that activity sent him to his grave. Serena did the vilest of things and left him there.

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As if that wasn’t bad enough, she then lied to Dan, who she was always harping on for honesty, and told him she cheated on him. Um, way to literally cover up aiding in taking someone’s life, Serena. Just like that, one of the show’s favorite couples hit the skids.

9 Sweetest: Serena’s Photo Shoot Sacrifice

Blair and her mother don’t exactly have the most healthy relationship around, so when Mrs. Waldorf asks Blair to be the face of her new fashion line, Blair is tickled pink over her mother’s sudden attention.

Unfortunately for Blair, she doesn’t knock it out of the park. The elder Waldorf sets her sights on her daughter’s BFF, Serena. In a selfless move, Serena gives up the opportunity to shine to stay with her wounded frenemy. It was a good-friend move for sure.

8 Annoying: Stealing Blair’s Dream

Blair is annoying and pretentious, but the girl has dreams! One of her lifelong goals was to attend Yale University. Blair decided to get in the middle of that and royally muck it up.

Serena didn’t even really want to attend the prestigious university; she just wanted to impede on the most important thing in Blair’s world. When Blair made her thoughts on the matter clear to Serena, Serena was flippant and indifferent.

7 Sweetest: The Best Maid Of Honor

Serena and Blair have had their ups and downs, to say the least. They have hurt each other and had one another’s backs. Blair makes the monumental decision to wed Chuck Bass, and Serena is right there to support Blair as the maid of honor.

This makes sense considering Blair’s hubs-to-be is related to Serena through marriage. Knowing that Serena tends to throw even family under the bus (see cousin Lola), it was sweet that she decided to behave herself on this particular day.

6 Annoying: When She Tricked Lola In The Worst Way

It is clear that Serena is not a big fan of her cousin Lola. In Serena’s world, family doesn’t really mean much. Serena conned Lola into putting on revealing undergarments. She then pulled the fire alarm, causing Lola to freak and exit, resulting in seedy photographs of Lola being taken.

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Who sets up family like that? Serena does. This wasn’t her only transgression regarding Lola, though. She also outwardly sabotaged her audition because she was jealous of her cousin’s rising star.

5 Sweetest: Serena Covered Up Blair’s Pregnancy Scare

Blair ends up in hot water when she thinks she might be pregnant with either Nate or Chuck’s baby. Serena does the sweetest thing by buying a pregnancy test for Blair and encouraging her to take it and face her fate.

Serena even lets the pregnancy rumors swirl when people suspect that SHE is the one expecting. When Blair tries to run off to France and avoid her life, Serena tells her she will support her through thick and thin.

4 Annoying: Serena Showed Her Entitlement By “Finding Herself”

“Finding yourself” is the newest thing for transitioning high school seniors. They take time to do whatever before heading off to higher learning. Serena decided to forgo Brown University and focus on basically nothing.

She’s wealthy, she’s been accepted to one of the best schools in the nation, and she decides just to hang out and be horrid? That is a very entitled thing.

3 Sweetest: Blair Relapses And Serena Stands By Her Side

Blair has some demons, and she has seen her fair share of mental health struggles. She goes through an eating disorder relapse, eating an entire pie by herself and then breaking down in the bathroom.

Serena isn’t always there for Blair, but in this instance, she most certainly was. She stood by her friend, holding her down and proving that she could, indeed, be a good friend when she wanted to.

2 Annoying: She Didn’t Even Try To Take Her PR Job Seriously

When Serena did land a job in PR, she managed to be lax with that too. Serena takes things like sabotage very seriously, but when it comes to adult responsibilities, Serena isn’t exactly a “take the bull by its horns” kind of girl.

She had no real experience in the field, no motivation to learn the ropes, and came off as every boss’s nightmare. At this point, viewers could not help but be annoyed by the girl who shunned all that life ended up offering her.

1 Sweetest: Serena To Nate’s Rescue

Remember back in the second season of the show when “Mr. Nice Guy” Nate Archibald takes up with an older married lady? When he wants to turn up the jealous factor, who does he call? Serena. She knows just what to do and kisses her friend.

It is impossible not to notice these two going at it in the midst of a garden party, and the older lady certainly takes notice. Serena proves that if any of her friends need a quick makeout partner to help stir up drama and jealousy, she is the one to call.

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