The 5 Most (& 5 Least) Realistic Storylines

Stars Hollows natives Lorelai and Rory are relatable protagonists. But while some Gilmore Girls stories are relatable, others are too far-fetched.

As far as logical and realistic dramas go, Gilmore Girls is a pretty straightforward show. There are no mysteries or horror stories, and it makes sense that Lorelai and Rory are so close as Lorelai is a cool mother and they get along really well. When the characters are faced with broken hearts or problems, they can usually reason their way out of it.

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After some emotional moments in the revival, Gilmore Girls fans can look back on the series and find some plotlines that make perfect sense for the characters. But there are just as many storylines that seem like they would never really happen.

9 Most Realistic: Lorelai And Rory Don’t Get Involved With Chilton

In the season 2 episode “Like Mother, Like Daughter,” it turns out that both Lorelai and Rory have been avoiding any socializing at Chilton. Headmaster Charleston isn’t thrilled about this and he wants them to change their ways.

Rory and her mom are so similar and it makes sense that they would both keep to themselves. This was a logical storyline as Rory isn’t comfortable with the rich students at Chilton and Lorelai doesn’t enjoy being around the parents, either. It’s easy to see this happening in real life.

8 Least Realistic: Lane Assumes She’s Moving To Korea And That Her Mom Never Told Her

Rory’s best friend Lane Kim is always battling her strict mother. Things get confusing in the season 2 premiere when Lane says that she’s going to Korea to visit family and because she has a one-way ticket, she says she must be staying there.

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This is unrealistic because no matter how tough and formal her mom is, it’s hard to believe that she would ship Lane off to another country and not even explain it properly. Her mom cares deeply about Lane and definitely wants her to keep living at home.

rory and dean first kiss in kiss and tell season one episode of gilmore girls

Is there a sweeter and more innocent high school romance than that of Dean and Rory’s? It doesn’t seem like it, and the season 1 episode “Kiss And Tell” proves it.

On another show, Dean and Rory’s first kiss might take place on Rory’s front porch after a date, or maybe the characters would have gone on a quirky outing. Instead, Dean kisses Rory spontaneously in Doose’s Market and Rory completely freaks out. She not only says “thank you” but takes some cornstarch. This was a great and realistic storyline, as Rory is young and naive, and she didn’t know what to do. A lot of people can relate to that.

7 Least Realistic: After A Snowstorm, Lorelai And Sookie Host A Dinner At The Inn

Gilmore Girls The Bracebridge Dinner Episode

The season 2 episode “The Bracebridge Dinner” is a fun one, as Lorelai and Sookie ask their friends to have dinner at the Independence Inn. Everyone has a great time and there are a lot of quirky moments, in true Gilmore Girls fashion.

This episode was unrealistic, though, because the dinner was originally supposed to be for a bunch of people coming in from out of town. They weren’t able to make it because of a huge snowstorm. If the snow was really that bad, wouldn’t everyone have wanted to stay home and ride out the storm?

6 Most Realistic: Paris Has A Breakdown At Yale

In the season 6 episode “You’ve Been Gilmored,” everyone at the Yale Daily News is sick of Paris and her bad attitude. She has a breakdown and gets fired.

Rory and Paris are more rivals than pals and it makes total sense for Paris to react this way. She likes to be in charge and when that power is slipping away from her, she can’t handle it. Many people would respond the same way, so this is a realistic storyline.

5 Least Realistic: Luke Won’t Share Anything About April With Lorelai

gilmore girls april

There’s a long list of things that are wrong with Luke Danes. The diner owner is gruff and makes some bad decisions with his true love Lorelai.

A big issue is when Luke learns about his daughter, April, and he acts really strangely with Lorelai about her. He won’t share anything with Lorelai and when April’s mom Anna doesn’t want Lorelai to be involved, he doesn’t change her mind. This is unrealistic because anyone in a relationship would understand that their partner would want to know their daughter.

4 Most Realistic: Richard Would Love For Rory To Attend Yale Just Like Him

Gilmore Girls Richard and Emily

Rory’s brilliant grandfather Richard starts working on Rory to go to Yale when she’s getting her college applications together. He knows that she has always dreamed about being a Harvard girl but he thinks that she should consider Yale.

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This is an incredibly realistic storyline, as people often want their relatives to attend the same college that they went to. If they had a wonderful experience, they feel like their family member can also have a great time.

3 Least Realistic: Rory Tells Dean They Should Remain Friends After She Embarrasses Him

Gilmore Girls Rory Dean Break Up School Dance

The season 2 episode “They Shoot Gilmores, Don’t They?” spelled the end of Dean and Rory’s relationship and it was their second break-up.

Rory tells Dean that they should remain friends after that, which is a completely unrealistic storyline. She feels guilty about how things ended, but is she really so naive as to think that a legitimate friendship is possible?

2 Most Realistic: Lorelai And Rory Celebrate Christmas A Bit Later

In the season 7 episode “Santa’s Secret Stuff,” Lorelai and Rory celebrate Christmas a bit later than the real calendar holiday since Rory was away in London.

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This is super realistic, as many people will celebrate a holiday or other special occasion a bit later if life gets in the way or they’re busy with something else. It’s just what happens, and it was nice to see this mother-daughter duo embracing a holiday in a non-traditional way.

1 Least Realistic: Rory Leaving College (And Stealing A Boat)

gilmore girls rory and logan stealing yacht

Some fans don’t enjoy the last season of Gilmore Girls and it’s fair to say that there were some odd storylines before that final season.

When season 5 is wrapping up, Rory leaves college, which is not something that viewers thought she would ever do. She also steals a boat, which is the exact opposite of Rory Gilmore behavior. This is an unrealistic storyline as no matter how upset someone is, they wouldn’t suddenly and magically become a criminal. And if they always loved and appreciated their education, they would never want to drop out of college.

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