How to Poison the Goblin Party in Baldur’s Gate 3

There are many ways to approach each encounter in Baldur’s Gate III, for instance, at the Goblin Camp players can poison them instead of fighting.

One of the main fights within Baldur’s Gate III‘s early access is defeating the goblin camp at the Shattered Sanctum. All the partying and drinking has lead to the goblins not being on guard or ready for mishaps. This gives players the chance to poison everyone who is drinking and celebrating.

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Unless the player is going through an evil playthrough, most characters will want to destroy the Goblin Camp as a means to bring some amount of safety and support to the Druid Grove and all of its inhabitants. Depending on the race of the character and their playstyle, they may enter the Goblin Camp differently. However, most players can pass into the camp without aggravating the group and starting a fight.

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How to Plant Poison in the Goblin’s Drinks in Baldur’s Gate III

Upon first entering the Goblin Camp, players will notice there is some sort of celebration for the Absolute that everyone at camp is drinking to. If the player is uninterested in a giant brawl between their party and the rest of the camp, there are subtler ways to go about it. One of these ways is by poisoning the group, though it does require some stealth, deception, and sleight of hand.

The easiest way to accomplish this is to set one of the party members Invisible with a spell or potion. Auntie Ethel at the Druid Grove or Roah Moonglow at the Shattered Sanctum sells Invisibility potions for those without the spell. Once done, quickly head to the Booze Tub near X: -99 Y:442. When opened, this tub will reveal the ability for a player to add something to the tub. Add a bottle of basic poison or potion of poison to the mix. This can be dropped by several enemies across the game or salvaged from the Apothecary basement in the Blighted Village. Make sure to combine these ingredients before leaving the menu.

After this, the player should see a cutscene where the goblins collectively get drinks. One of them will ask why the player isn’t joining in on the drinking. The player is given a chance to toast among the group to blend in. After which the player will either need to drink the poisoned alcohol, pass a Sleight of Hand check, or pass a Deception check. If the player doesn’t think they’ll pass the checks they should bring a bottle of Antidote to ensure their safety.

After this, the rest of the goblins will drink. Not all of them will die, but several will within the first couple of seconds. The goblins will quickly come to the decision that the player’s group poisoned them. This will give the player a choice of using their Illithid Wisdom, pass a Deception check, or an Intimidation check. Passing this check will cause them to destroy the Booze Tub, otherwise, the player should ready for battle.

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Baldur’s Gate III early access is available exclusively on PC.

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