Everything to Know About Cagayan’s Morgan McLeod

Survivor: Cagayan contestant Morgan Mcleod is more than just her physical appearance. Here are some interesting facts about the Beauty Tribe member.

Morgan McLeod was a contestant from Survivor: Cagayan. As a member of the Beauty Tribe, she is known for using her physical attributes to excel in the show. Morgan joined the cast at 21 years old, making her the season’s youngest contestant. Despite being voted off after 22 days, Morgan left a lasting impression on the show.

Morgan’s biggest claim to fame before Survivor: Cagayan was being a cheerleader for the San Francisco 49ers when she was just a senior in high school. Her physical appearance and previous work landed her in the Beauty Tribe, but Morgan assures that she is a competitive candidate, “I could be the final Survivor because when I want something I get it. I do whatever it takes to get it. I am ambitious and very adaptive. I am never afraid to manipulate and backstab people when it puts me ahead.”

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The contestants on Survivor: Cagayan are split between three tribes: Beauty, Brain, and Brawn. While Morgan is comfortable with her place in the Beauty Tribe, she considers herself a mix of all three. She tells CBS that despite the assumption that Brain and Brawn are the obvious choice to win, her attractiveness could be used as an asset, “Most people who are beautiful have a stereotype of being dumb. Beauties could fly under the radar as a non-threat because they are stereotypically dumb and weak.” 

Morgan McLeod Survivor

During First Impressions, Morgan was designated as the tribe’s weakest link by LJ McKanas, sending her to the tribe’s camp ahead of her tribe-mates. She then chose to take the Hidden Immunity Idol instead of supplying her tribe with extra rice. In true Morgan fashion, she lied to her tribe-mates, insisting that she had opted to benefit the group. Using her manipulative strategies, she hoped to prove “that just because I have huge boobs and a pretty face does not mean that I am dumb, it just means that I look better when I am winning.”

Morgan was never shy about sharing her opinions; Fans can remember the time she called LJ old and referred to Kass McQuillen as old and ugly. She quickly became a target and tried to defend herself by claiming she was an easily beatable person to take at the end. Despite her argument, the cast ultimately voted her off.

Since Survivor: Cagayan, the former NFL Cheerleader got married to her boyfriend of three years, Kevin Brown. The two had recently started dating when Morgan left to film Survivor“We both realized how special we were to one another while I was in the Philippines filming. We had no contact for two months which was absolute torture! Distance really does make the heart grow fonder.”

Despite losing the show, Morgan’s determined and manipulative strategies are memorable. With Survivor recently added to Netflix, fans can rewatch the drama unfold; This time with a better understanding of Morgan’s strategy and beauty advantage.

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