Among Us Stats Show Impostors More Likely To Win Than crewmates

Among Us statistics reveal Impostors have a higher chance of winning compared to crewmates despite their obvious disadvantage in numbers.

Playing as an Impostor and murdering friends is arguably the best part of Among Us, but thanks to win/loss statistics players have even more of a reason to want to play as the backstabbing Impostor. While it may not seem like it when some gamers play against their friends in Among Us, Impostors statistically have a better shot at winning rounds compared to the helpless crewmates.

In Among Us, players are either the Impostors or the crewmates. Crewmates are tasked with traveling around the map to complete mini-game like tasks while Impostors are on a mission to kill all of the crewmates. The catch is that crewmates and Impostors look identical save for whatever color the player chooses. Players must work together to weed out the Impostors to save their crew from extinction, but that is easier said than done. Players must convince other players of who they think the killers are without too much suspicion being cast onto them.

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Among Us has skyrocketed in popularity in the past couple of months due to the entertaining moments that spawn from friend groups tearing each other apart, and the statistics prove that players are really good at doing so. According to a tweet posted by the official Among Us Twitter account, Impostors have a 57.69 percent win rate while crewmates only win 42.31 percent of the time. While being an Impostor is arguably more fun, it is also statistically easier for them to win.

These data points are interesting, but they are also a little scary. If Impostors have a higher win rate that means that Among Us’ player base is better at murdering, betraying, and deceiving their friends than they are at following simple instructions. Among Us has millions of players daily and hundreds of thousands of people watching on Twitch and YouTube, and the vast majority of these people prefer violence and deceit over cooperation. While it is just a game, there’s something to think about here.

The Among Us Twitter also asked what data players would want to see next which could warrant more interesting information. Some users have asked for which rooms are the most crewmates killed in, what are the most common means of winning, and what colors are used the least. It would also be interesting to know what color is most likely to be voted off first so players can avoid picking that one, and what percentage of the player base plays in public lobbies compared to private lobbies.

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